Edited by N. I. Ivanov and Malcolm J. Crocker, Published in English by INTERPUBLISH, St. Petersburg, Russia 1994. ISBN 5-7325-0090-1
This new handbook was published in English in March 1994 by Interpublish, St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the first in a series of books written by engineers and scientists from leading countries to bring to you the latest techniques in acoustical engineering.
This handbook deals with the main principles of noise and vibration control in different vehicles including: automobiles, trucks, farm tractors, road making machinery and construction machinery such as movable compressors. The book discusses noise sources, noise reduction methods and noise standards. Both theoretical approaches and experimental results are included. The authors describe procedures for predicting noise and methods for reducing noise including: use of vibration isolation, vibration damping, acoustical enclosures, sound absorption acoustical baffles, etc. Approaches and specific examples are presented for optimizing and selecting approaches which combine different methods to reduce noise and vibration in vehicles. Some particular examples of low-noise vehicle designs are described.
This handbook is written for engineers and scientists working in the fields of vehicle design, manufacture and vehicle operation where the control of noise and vibration is of particular concern. It is also of general interest to all engineers and scientists involved in noise and vibration control. The book is divided into three parts and 13 chapters as follows:

  • Part 1. General Problems of Noise Control in Vehicles.
    Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Physical and Physiological Aspects of Acoustics.
    Chapter 2. Noise Generation and Vehicle Noise Estimation.
    Chapter 3. Noise Control Approaches in Vehicle Design.
  • Part 2. Noise Control Methods.
    Chapter 4. Sound Insulation.
    Chapter 5. Vibration Isolation.
    Chapter 6. Vibration Damping.
  • Part 3. Noise Control Measures.
    Chapter 7. Soundproofed Cabs.
    Chapter 8. Soundproofed Enclosures.
    Chapter 9. Acoustical Baffles.
    Chapter 10. Mufflers.
    Chapter 11. Automobiles.
    Chapter 12. Farm Tractors.
    Chapter 13. Transportation and Construction Vehicles.
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