In the summer of 1994 a new journal "Noise Abstracts and Reviews" began publication. The journal is a cooperative effort of editorial offices in the USA, Russia, and Germany.

Each issue contains a feature article and surveys major developments in noise and vibration control. Each year abstracts of at least fifteen hundred to two thousand papers, reports, patents, and books a year are included; announcements of international meetings, new developments, recent studies, and a calendar of upcoming events are printed in every issue providing an invaluable way for readers to keep up with scientific knowledge and developments in the field. Both theoretical and applied noise control topics are covered. The journal is published in English.

Each issue contains information on transportation noise, aircraft noise, industrial noise, noise in buildings, environmental noise, noise of machinery such as engines, gears and electric motors, noise standards, legislation and regulations as well as information on acoustical materials, vibration isolators and transmission of sound through walls and structures.

The journal is intended for those working in the field of noise and vibration control for industry, consulting firms, research institutes, universities and research laboratories.

"Noise Abstracts and Reviews" is published six times each year. The 1995 and 1996 subscriptions on rates are US$ 120.00 postpaid for institutions and libraries and US$ 90.00 postpaid for individuals. The subscription for the first three issues in 1994 is US$ 60.00 postpaid for institutions and libraries and US$ 45.00 postpaid for individuals.

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Six issues in 1996: individual ($90 US) ; institute or library ($120 US)

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