The Third International Conference on Problems of Physical Metrology


June 15 - 19, 1998

Saint Petersburg


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Program Committee

Academician K. V. Frolov, Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor V. P. Bulatov, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Prof. A. E. Gorodetsky, Scientific Council on Physical Metrology problems of North-West
department of Metrological Academy
Dr. V. G. Kurbanov, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Professor A. V. Ivaschenko, Ustinov's Baltic State Technical University
Professor Anatoly A. Yerofeev, St.Petersburg's State Technical University
Professor Yu. V. Tarbeyev, Mendeleyev 's Institute of Metrology,
Academician Yu. N. Denisyuk (Russia)
Academician V. K. Abalakin (Russia)
Dr. Leonid Reznik (Australia)
Dr. Valdas Sirutkaitis (Lithuania)
Prof. Nikolai Lyashenko (USA)
Prof. S. G. Sandomirsky (Belorussia)
Prof. U. I. Mamyrov (Kirgizia)
Prof. M. A. Gurbanyazov(Turkmenia)
Prof. Yu. A. Novikov (Russia)
Prof. V. L. Vladimirov (Ukraine)
Prof. V. E. Privalov (Russia)
Prof. E. D. Pankov (Russia)
Prof. V. A. Colombet (Russia)

Organizing Committee

  • Yuri B. Koverkin, chairman
  • Alexey G. Sergeyev, secretary
  • Irina L. Tarasova
  • Nicolay P. Zotov
  • Alexey V. Minayev
  • Valery S. Alexandrov

  • Organizers mailing address

    Prof. A. E. Gorodetsky,
    61, Bolshoy prospect, V.O.,
    St. Petersburg, 199178,
    Voice phone: +7-(812)-3214779
    Fax: +7-(812)-3214771

    Conference Topics

  • Physical Processes in Measure Devices and Systems
  • New Physical Phenomena Using For Measurement of Physical Values
  • Physical Constants and Standards
  • Intelligent Systems of Physical Research and Experiments
  • Metrological Provision of Biophysic Experiments
  • Optical Measurements
  • Languages

    Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.


    For Russian and CIS countries participants the registration fee is $40.

    For foreigners (non-CIS countries) registration fee is $100. The company wishing to present an exhibit has to pay $200.

    The company wishing to present an exhibit has to pay $200.

    Students (including post-graduate) and members of Academy of Metrology pay 50% of the fees.

    All the fees are to be paid in roubles according the current official rate.



    All the reports are planned to be published before the Conference and will be presented to participants on their arriving.

    Schedule of work

    Scientific program includes plenary reports (up to 30 min.), scientific reports and messages (up to 15 min.), scientific discussions, posters and an exhibition of hard- and software for automation.

    We are glad to see you as a participant of the FIZMET '98 at Saint-Petersburg during the wonderful White Nights. Surely, you will enjoy it!

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