Guidelines for Authors


Abstract should be submitted by e-mail in TeX-format only. The files in Microsoft Word or text format are not acceptable. Use the hypereference below to get the form-file.

TeX form-file for Abstract

In order to edit this file you can use any MS-DOS or Windows text editor. Please, replace the words inside curly brackets by your data and input text of your abstract

The file submitted should have name of the presenting author (every number of letters) and extension “tex”.



Participants of the Workshop from Russia and CIS should submit paper in Russian (in case authors would like to translate the paper into English themselves, the english version can be presented as well). Other participants are needed to submit only english version of the paper. For authors instructions, please, see the pages ... (in Russian) and ... (in English) (pages will be available in the nearest future). Printed and electronic versions of papers should be submitted to the Organising Commitee.