NPT'2002 Hotel Reservation Form


Due to hard difficulties in hotels reserving at the summer season when there are a lot of tourists in St-Petersburg, the Organising Committee of NPT'2002 recommends you to reserve places in hotels in advance. The Organising Committee is able to assist you to reserve a place in one of two hotels: 1) the hostel "LIIZhT" Single Occupancy - 550-600 roubles, Twin Occupancy - 850-900 roubles, 2) the hotel "Akademicheskaja" Twin Occupancy - 330-370 roubles, Quarter Occupancy - 440-500 roubles (Attention: the prices are preliminary ones). This proposal holds true up to May 15.

In the former case ("LIIZhT" or "Akademicheskaja") you need to complete the following registration form and send it to the Organising Committee:





The Organising Commitee of NPT'2002
Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS,

199178  Bolshoy pr., 61, V.O., St.-Petersburg, Russia

Tel: +7(812)321-47-84; Fax: +7(812)321-47-71 (no manuscripts)


Reservation will be valid after receiving your registration fee (please see Registration Form).