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Camera-Ready Manuscript Submission

Two copies of the camera-ready original of your paper must be sent by post, not fax, at the address given below. Your

manuscript must be presented at meeting.

The address is:


Prof. S.A. Kukushkin
NPT'98 Organizing Committee
The Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering 61 Bolshoy V.O.
St.Petersburg 199178, Russia


In no circumstances should your paper or even any part of it be sent in electronic form.


International participants should take into account that the state post service is very slow in Russia (e.g., it takes about month to deliver a letter from USA to St.Petersburg), so commercial post services, such as Federal Express or DHL are recommended.


General Specifications

Important information


You need to submit a camera-ready manuscript using a high quality printer on exact size A4 (210 mm by 297 mm) white paper, using one side of a sheet. A high quality, 300 dpi or more, laser-printed manuscript is preferable. The volume must be of 6-8 pages. Up to three additional pages will be permitted for a charge of 80 US Dollars for each additional page.

Preparation of Exact Size Manuscripts


Your paper must be printed actual size (i.e., exactly how it is to appear in the proceedings) in two columns. As part of the printing process your document will be photographed. To ensure that this can be done with one camera setting for all papers, and to ensure uniformity of appearance for the proceedings, the papers should conform to the following specifications. If your paper deviates significantly from these specifications, the printer may not be able to include your paper in the proceedings. It is highly recommended to use LaTeX in preparing and formatting your manuscript. On the first page, the distance from the top edge of the paper to the top of the first line of type (i.e., the title) should be 30 mm.
On the second, and subsequent pages, the distance from the top edge of the paper to the top of the first line of type should be 26 mm. The text should be centered left-to-right on the page, i.e., left and right margins should be the same (16 mm).

The width of each column should be 84 mm. The distance between the two columns of text should be 10 mm. On the first page, the distance from the bottom edge of the paper to the bottom of the last line of type on the page should be no less than 30 mm. On the second and subsequent pages, the distance from the bottom edge of the paper to the bottom of the last line of type on the page should be no less than 26 mm. This allows room for the printer to insert the copyright notice on the first page and page numbers.

The Conference requires a font size of 10 points or greater. Some technical formatting programs print mathematical formulas in italic type, with subscripts and superscripts in a slightly smaller font size. This is acceptable. For the main body of the text the 10 point size roman font should be used.

The title should be centered across the top of the first page. The 22 point size bold font is recommended. The authors' names and addresses should be centered below the title. The 14 point size roman font is recommended.

Please include your e-mail address. For multiauthored papers names and addresses can be placed either side by side, or one under another. Please do not put addresses in footnotes.

Do not indent the initial lines of paragraphs. Leave a line clear between paragraphs.

References should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper and be listed at the end of the paper with the main heading References. When citing references in the text, type the corresponding number in square brackets, e.g [1]. Equations have to be numbered consecutively with the number in parenthesis, flush to the right.

Only simple line drawings and graphs are allowed. Halftone illustrations (pictures) and photographs are not acceptable. Do not supply Xerox copies. For the best reproduction and handling of illustrations, we prefer that they be included in your wordprocessor file or that the original be pasted. Many wordprocessors allow the insertion of figures from a drawing program or the insertion of a scanned image. For pasting of original illustrations use glue such as a glue stick.

Please do not use clear tape. Do not use poor photostats, ozalids, blueprints, hectos, Xerox, etc., for the drawings, illustrations, or charts, since shades of blue, green, and brown do not photograph successfully. Figures should be inserted near their citation or at the end of the manuscript, after References. Large figures may extend over two columns if necessary. Make sure that you number and include a caption for each figure.

Footnotes should be avoided. Authors' addresses have to be placed after the authors' names below the title of the paper. Information about any financial support should be placed in the subsection Acknowledgements at the end of your paper.



Alloted time for oral presentations:


No special arrangements will be made for use of special equipment (audio/video recorders, computers, etc.). If the authors intend to use such devices in the presentation they have to contact Organizing Committee.

Additionaly the authors are responsible to prepare the poster on a vertically oriented sheet of paper of exact size 600mm by 840mm (A1 size).


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Address of the Organizing Committee:


Prof. S.A. Kukushkin
The Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
61 Bolshoy, V.O. 199178, St.Petersburg, RUSSIA
Tel: +7(812)217-8185,
Fax: +7(812)217-8614 (no manuscripts)


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