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The Secretariat of NPT'98

Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS, Bolchoy pr., 61,







First International Workshop
"Nucleation and Non-Linear Problems in the First-Order Phase Transitions" (NPT'98)
29 June - 3 July 1998
St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Scope of the Workshop


The purposes of the workshop are to attract scientist's attention to the latest achievements in the field of physics, chemistry and mechanics of first-order phase transitions and to acquaint specialists, lecturers and graduate students with new research methods in the subject.


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The topics for the Workshop include but are not limited to:


Co-sponsored by

Program&Organizing Committees


International Program Committee


D.M.Klimov (Chairman, Russia)
S.A.Kukushkin (Vice-Chairman, Russia)
J.L.Katz (Vice-Chairman, USA)
G.G.Devyatych (Russia)
Yu.L. Klimontovich (Russia)

A.I.Rusanov (Russia)
V.V.Slyozov (Ukraine)
Yu.D.Tret'yakov (Russia)
D. Kashchiev (Bulgaria)
J.Schemlzer (Germany)
F.M. Kuni(Russia)
A.A. Chernov (USA&Russia)
N.F. Morozov (Russia)

F.G. Shi (USA)
R.V. Golshtein (Russia)
E.E. Glickman (Israel)
R.A. Suris (Russia)

National Organizing Committee


S.A. Kukushkin (Chairman, Russia)
A.V. Osipov (Vice-Chairman, Russia)
D.A. Grigoriev (Secretary, Russia)
A.V. Kalashnikov (Russia)
I.P.Kalinkin (Russia)
A.P.Grinin (Russia)
I.Sokolov (Russia)
N.V. Grigorieva (Assistant Secretary, Russia)
V.L.Ugolkov (Russia)
A.K. Abramian (Russia)
A.V. Kandakov (Russia)
A.G. Ambrok (Russia)


Schedule summary

April 1, 1998 - Deadline for abstract submission

May 1, 1998 - Notification for acceptance

May 30, 1998 - Deadline date for all participants to submit the registration form, information on the authors and a copy of bank transfer order for registration fee.

June 29 - July 3, 1998 - Workshop

Please note that the maximum number of participants of this workshop limited; early registration is encouraged.

Working program

There will be two plenary and five session reports every day on the workshop. Duration for plenary report up to one and half hour and for session report up to half hour. The workshop program includes some reports of young scientists.

Working sections

Stress-driven diffusion and electromigration in solids (E.E.Glickman (Israel))

Contributed papers

Abstracts for contributed papers will be considered for oral presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings. As the number of contributed papers will be limited, abstracts (of a 100 to 500 word) must be received before March 15, 1998. Manuscripts of contributed papers must be submitted at meeting.

The Secretariat of NPT'98


The Secretariat of NPT'98
Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS,
V.O. Bolchoy pr., 61, St.-Petersburg,199178 Russia



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