Fourth Session of the International Research School
for Modern Fundamental Problems and Application Tasks
of the Theory of Precision and Quality of Machines,
Devices and Systems

JUNE 3 - 7 YEAR 2000


  1. V.P. Bulatov,
    I.G. Friedlender
    (St-Petersburg, IPME). Modern fundamental problems of precision theory.
  2. E. Von Collani (Wuerzburg, Germany). Theory of Precision and Quality (Neyman Theory).
  3. V.M. Musalimov (St-Petersburg, IPME). Problems of the Physical Basis for the Theory of Precision.
  4. Yu.P.Stepanovsky (Kharkov, Ukraine). "Nobelian" Physical Effects and Some Concepts of Modern Physics.
  5. V.M.Trukhanov (Volgograd, VGTU). Methods of Designing and Debugging of Complex Systems.
  6. L.Khanin (USA). Extreme Problems and Probability Metrics.
  7. G.L.Shevlyakov (St-Petersburg, GITMO). Robustness of Precision Parameters.

Section 1


  1. Ye.I. Sychov, N.T. Polyarus (Moscow, BAUMAN Technical University). Integral method of evaluation of dimensional precision of parts with complicated shape.
  2. E.D. Brown, Ye.A. Provotorova (Moscow, BLAGONRAVOV Institute of Engineering Problems). Application of Mathematical/Physical Simulation to Evaluation of Work Capacity and Performance of Mechanical Units Based on Tribological Tests.
  3. B.P. Timofeev. (St-Petersburg, GITMO). Securing precision in mechanotronic devices.
  4. I.V. Barmin, M.V. Veselov (Moscow, BARMIN Design Office of General Engineering). Precision of Relative Positioning of Space Rockets and Their Service Equipment.
  5. P.A. Karepin (Moscow, Agricultural University). Drawing a correlation function of 3-D dimension chains.
  6. R.I. Solnitsev (St-Petersburg, GUAP). Evaluation of Precision in Rigid Systems.
  7. A.S. Zakharevsky, Yu.V. Lysenko, I.Ye. Ovcharnko (St-Petersburg, IPME). Of one stochastic model of optimum control over manufacturing processes.
  8. A.S. Zakharevsky (St-Petersburg, IPME). Bootstrap Sampling Method.
  9. V.I. Dubrovin, V.I. Ponomarchuk, G.V. Tabunschik (Ukraine, Zaporozhye). Tolerance-Based and Deviation-Based Quality Control Methods.
  10. M.M. Kane, B.V. Ivanov (Byelorussia, Minsk). Optimization of Gear Milling Conditions as a Way to Improve Spur Pinion Quality.
  11. K.V. Podmasteryev (Orel Technical University). Mathematical Model of Micro Contacts in Rolling-Contact Bearing with Local Irregularities in Work Surfaces.
  12. F.I. Demin, M.A. Andronov (Samara, Aeronautical and Space University). Securing Quality of Gas Turbine Rotors.
  13. V.M. Musalimov (St-Petersburg, IPME). Analysis and Synthesis of Precision in Dynamic Systems and Processes
  14. A.M. Rostovtsev (Moscow, BAUMAN Technical University). Tolerance Optimization by Geometrical Method of Linear Programming in Descartes Coordinates as a Way to Improve Cost Efficiency and Performance.
  15. Ye.V. Meshkov, G.P. Lashmanov (St-Petersburg, USTINOV Technical University). Precision in Manufacturing Shells of Compound Materials.
  16. V.Ye. Starzhinsky (Byelorussia), Ye.V. Shalobayev (St-Petersburg, GITMO). Application of Microsystem Technologies in Precision Mechanotronics.
  17. L.V. Yefremov (St-Petersburg, IPME). Evaluation of probability distribution parameters for large and small samples (censored and non-censored). Algorithms and software.
  18. V.I. Dubrovin, Yu.N. Doroshenko (Ukraine, Zaporozhye). Integration Between Quality Control and Management Information Systems.
  19. P.A. Karepin (Moscow, Agricultural University). Re-establishment of Original Precision Parameters of Repaired Items.
  20. V.M. Medunetsky (St-Petersburg, GITMO). Drawing a correlation function of 3-D dimension chains.

Section 2


  1. Yu.P. Adler (Moscow, Institute of Steel and Alloys). Statistical Methods in Quality Control Systems.
  2. N.I. Khanov, A.E. Friedman (St-Petersburg, VNIIM). Application of Precision Theory to Exchange Relation Theory (Example: Commercial Accounting of Fuel).
  3. K.V. Fedyukin (St-Petersburg, Academy of Finance and Engineering). Qualitology as new fundamental and classroom discipline.
  4. N.Ye. Nikitina (IPME Nizhny Novgorod Affiliate). Some Physical Aspects of Precision in Measurement of Ultrasound Velocity and Attenuation.
  5. Ye.D. Solozhentsev (St-Petersburg, IPME). Models of Quality Loss Risk (QLR) with Logical Ties of Events Characterized by Discreet Non-Parametrical Distribution Laws.
  6. I.I. Ganelin (Moscow, BARANOV Aircraft Motor Institute). Active Model for Establishing Acceptance Criteria Based on a Measured Parameter Given a Substantial Measurement Error.
  7. N.I. Khanov, G.P. Telitchenko (St-Petersburg, VNIIM). Role of Comparison of National Reference Standards in Integration of Russia in WTO).
  8. A.E. Friedman (St-Petersburg, VNIIM), Ye.A. Yeliseev (St-Petersburg Technical University). Correction of Instrument Inter-Calibration Periods Based on Normal Law of Distribution of Instrumental Instability.
  9. E.V. Matsevich (St-Petersburg, IPME). Evaluation of Geometrical Resolution (Precision) of the Contactless Impedance Acoustic Method of Material Control.
  10. Yu.P. Adler, V.L. Shper (Moscow, Institute of Steel and Alloys). Analysis of Situations with Repeatability Indices (Means of Computation Of RI Lower Bound).
  11. A.M. Rostovtsev (Moscow, BAUMAN Technical University). Analytical Convolution of Quality Indices in Parts' Manufacturing and Service.
  12. O.N. Milyaev (St-Petersburg Technical University, GITMO). Equipment Implementing Evaluation of Manufacturing Methods.
  13. I.I. Ganelin (Moscow, BARANOV Aircraft Motor Institute). Strict Statistical Approach as a Way to Diminish Design Component of Errors at Determining Safe Load (Service Life) Based on Small Number of Tests.
  14. N.N. Konnov (Penza University). Measurement of Data Phase Distortion in Disc Drives.
  15. S.Yu. Petrov (OASIS Company), I.V. Meskin, Ye.V. Shalobayev, L.N. Maltsev (ITMO). TECHNOGRAPH Series of Modern Precision Measuring/Indicating Instruments, and Ways to Improve Precision of Position-to-Digit Converters.
  16. V.A. Braginsky (St-Petersburg Technical University). Stochastic Dimension Chains.
  17. Yu. B. Koverkin, E.V. Matsevich (St-Petersburg, IPME). Analysis of Existing Means of Measurement of Large Parts in Machine Building.
  18. P.I. Novikov, V.A. Prourzin (St-Petersburg, IPME). Verification of Thermal Conductivity Matrix of Electric Machine Based on Heating Tests. Evaluation of Precision of the Method.
  19. K. Lertrungruang, N.A. Suprun, M.M. Shaposhnikov (St-Petersburg Technical University, GITMO). Precision of Evaluation of Step Changes in Damping Factor at Critical Loads in Friction Pairs.
  20. V.D. Britsky, B.P. Timofeev, S.S. Kiselev (St-Petersburg, GITMO). A method gear train analysis for precision and strength.
  21. V.D. Britsky, B.P. Timofeev, M.A. Nozdrin (St-Petersburg, GITMO). Standard size range of coaxial gear trains.

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