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May, 1990. Creation of the Lab. First list of the members: Dmitry Egorenkov, Alexander Fradkov, Alexander Levin, Igor Makarov, Elena Panteley, Alexander Shishlov, Alexander Stotsky, Alexander Zaremba.

June, 1990. Release of the book "Adaptive control of complex systems"(Moscow, Nauka,1990) by A.Fradkov.

August, 1990. Participation of A.Fradkov and A.Stotsky in the 11th IFAC Congress in Tallinn, Estonia. First contacts with leading experts in control: D.Hill, Z.Bien, R.Ortega, K.Astrom, L.Ljung.

December, 1990. Release of the first collection of the papers by the Lab members: Large scale control systems. Preprint No 52. St.Petersburg: IPME, 1990, 42p.


First visits abroad:
February, 1991- A.Fradkov visited L.Ljung in Linkoping,
September, 1991 - A.Stotsky attended IFAC Symposium on Control Design in Zurich;
October, 1991 - A.Fradkov visited Z.Bien in KAIST, Seoul and Tajon, Korea.
December, 1991 - A.Fradkov attended the 30th IEEE Conf. on Decision anf Control in Brighton, UK.

April, 16-20, 1991. Organizing first international conference: the 5th St.Petersburg Symposium on Adaptive Systems Theory in the House of Scientists (Dom Uchenyh). The 5th Symposium continued the tradition of Leningrad-St.Petersburg symposia on adaptive systems theory, organized under leadership of V.A.Yakubovich since 1972. There were 150 participants, including 5 foreign scientists: G.Bartolini, S.Bittanti, A.Halanay, L.Ljung, V.Rasvan. Plenary speakers were L.Ljung, A.A.Pervozvansky, Ya.Z.Tsypkin, V.A.Yakubovich, R.M.Yusupov, A.L.Fradkov & A.A.Stotsky).

September, 1991. Organizing first Baltic Student Olympiad on Automatic Control (BOAC'91). There were 40 participants, the winners were H.Hjalmarsson (Sweden) and V.Nikiforov (Russia).


March-May, 1992. A. Fradkov first time visited D. Hill in Sydney.

June, 1992. Release of the Special Issue of the International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing v.6, No.3, 1992, "Adaptive and Expert Control: A Russian Perspective", Edited by S. Bittanti and A. Fradkov.

August, 1992. Organizing the 1st Swedish-Russian Control Conference in Linkoping-Lund. Russian team consisted of A. Barabanov, V. Bukov, A. Fradkov, S. Gusev, V. Kolmanovsky, A. Lototsky, A. Nazin, A. Pervozvansky, A. Poznyak, S. Shishkin, V. Yakubovich).

October, 1992. First International collaboration: D. Egorenkov and A. Spiridonov developed robotics simulation software for Goldstar (LG), Korea.

First moving abroad (A.Zaremba moved to Ford Corporation, Dearborn, MN, USA).

Release of the collection of the papers "Adaptive control of mechanical systems." Preprint No 71. St.Petersburg: IPME, 1992, 65p.

October, 1992. First Ph.D student: Maria Druzhinina.

Release of the software package ADAM (Analysis of Differential-Algebraic Models) running in MATLAB environment.

New members: part time researchers Boris Andrievsky and Andrey Spiridonov


July, 1993. A.Fradkov attended the 12th IFAC World Congress in Sydney, Australia and delivered the joint talk with D. Hill: "Nonlinear adaptive control: An East-West view".

New members: Peter Guzenko, Vladimir Nikiforov, Vadim Kharlamov


Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Dmitry Egorenkov in the Baltic State Technical University.

Winning the first grants:

  • Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR): Project 93-013-16322 "Nonlinear methods of adaptive control of mechanical systems"
  • INTAS Grant 94-0965 "Adaptive control of electromechanical systems" (Coordinator R.Ortega)
  • September, 1994. Organizing the Russian-Australian Workshop "Adaptive and Robust Nonlinear Control" in Sydney. Russian participants: N. Barabanov, V. Bondarko, A. Fradkov, V. Yakubovich.

    Release of the first book fully written in the Lab.: Egorenkov D.L., Fradkov A.L., Kharlamov V.Yu. Elements of Mathematical Modeling with examples in MATLAB. St.Petersburg, Baltic State Techn.Univ., 1994, 191p. (In Russian).

    New member: Alexander Pogromsky


    June, 1995. Release of the Activity Report "Control of Complex Systems", Preprint No 125. St.Petersburg: IPME, 1995, dedicated to the 5th Anniversary of the Lab.

    Winning grant J58100 of the International Science Foundation (Soros Foundation) jointly with Russian government.

    Launch of the first version of the Lab website, created by A.Pogromsky.


    Participation of A. Fradkov, V. Nikiforov, A. Stotsky in the 13th IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control in San Francisco, USA Lab members gave 4 talks at the Congress and organized (with H.Kaufman) an invited session "Parallel feedforward compensators (shunts) in control systems".

    New members: Ilya Polushin, Anton Shiriaev (postdoc)


    August, 27-29, 1997. Organizing the 1st IEEE-IUTAM International Conference "Control of Oscillations and Chaos" (COC'97) in the House of Scientists (Dom Uchenyh). More than 180 participants, representing 35 countries (73 - from foreign countries).

    September, 1997. Start of the Educational-Research Center "Machine-Building, Mechanics anf Control Processes" supported by the Russian Federal Program "Integration". 8 leading Universities of St.Petersburg participate in the joint project leaded by IPME. The Lab is conducting the direction "Control Processes" of the Center.

    Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Elena Panteley in the St.Petersburg State University.

    A. Pogromsky and A. Shiriaev awarded with the Russian President Scolarship for young researchers.

    New members: Gennady Leonov, Iliya Miroshnik.


    Publication of the first book abroad: "Introduction to control of oscillations and chaos" by A.L. Fradkov, A.Yu. Pogromsky, World Scientific Publishers, Singapore, 1998.

    Start of the publishing of the series of monographs and textbooks in Russian: "Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Systems", Edited by G. Leonov and A. Fradkov. Supported by the Federal program "Integratsia" (project 360-01). Eight books of this series were published by the year 2002, see Publications page.

    Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Maria Druzhinina in the St.Petersburg State University.

    Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Peter Guzenko in the Baltic State Technical University.


    Publication of the books:

  • A.L. Fradkov, I.V. Miroshnik, V.O. Nikiforov "Nonlinear and adaptive control of complex systems" Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.
  • B.R. Andrievsky, A.L. Fradkov "Selected chapters of control theory with examples in MATLAB" St. Petersburg, Nauka, 1999. (in Russian)
  • Participation of A. Fradkov, I. Miroshnik, V. Nikiforov, A. Pogromsky, A. Shiriaev in the 14th IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control in Beijing, China. Lab members gave 5 talks and organized 3 invited sessions at the Congress. A. Fradkov acted as the official representative of Russia at the IFAC General Assembly.

    Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Igor Makarov in the St.Petersburg State University.

    Defence of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) thesis by Alexey Konjukhov in the Baltic State Technical University.

    September 7-9, 1999. Organizing the 6th St. Petersburg Symposium on Adaptive Control dedicated to the memory of Ya.Z.Tsypkin. There were 120 participants from 19 countries.

    Launch of the second version of the Lab website, created by Dmitry Tomchin.

    Launch of the RUSYCON - Russian Systems and Control Archive at

    Moving of A.Stotsky to Sweden (Volvo corporation), A.Shiriaev - to Denmark.


    Publication of the books:

  • G.A.Leonov, V.B.Smirnova"Mathematical problems of phase synchronization theory" St. Petersburg, Nauka, 2000. (in Russian)
  • I.V. Miroshnik, V.O. Nikiforov, A.L.Fradkov."Nonlinear and adaptive control of complex dynamical systems", St.Petersburg, Nauka, 2000. (in Russian)
  • July 5-7, 2000. Organizing the 2nd IEEE-IUTAM International Conference "Control of Oscillations and Chaos" (COC 2000) in the House of Scientists (Dom Uchenyh). More than 170 participants, representing 33 countries (68 - from foreign countries).

    The Center "Mechatronics and Mobile Complexes" has mainly been created for collective (shared) use of control Laboratory equipment has been created jointly with appropriate departments of the leading Universities: (SPbSU, SPbSTU, SPbIFMO, SPbETU, PIMASH), see

    During first 10 years (1990-2000) the members of the Lab have published 8 books, 4 textbooks, 9 edited volumes, 68 journal and 185 conference papers, have made about 60 scientific visits abroad.

    Further facts of our history can be found on our website.