Ermakov Mikhail Sergeevich

Leading Scientific researcher laboratory of Reliability Analysis Methods, Doctor of Science (physics and mathematics), , Professor of Saint Petersburg State University,

Was born in 1952.


office phone: (812) 3214783, home phone-fax: (812) 2549143

In 1976 he is graduated from department of mathematics and mechanics of Saint Petersburg State University, by speciality "Theory Probability and Mathematical Statistics".

After graduating from this institute he worked in Lenigrad Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute of USSR Academy of Sciences as Junior researcher in the laboratory of Statistical Methods. His research was devoted to sufficiency, sequential estimation, asymptotic equivalence of irregular statistical experiments.

Since 1982 till 1987 he worked as senior researcher in "Institute of Analytical Technique" of USSR Academy of Sciences. His research was related with applied statistical methods and stochastic simulation.

Since 1987 till 1993 he worked in Institute of Physics of Saint Petersburg State University in Geophysics laboratory. His research was related with inverse problems and testing of nonparametric hypothesis. His D of Sc thesis was defended in 1991 and was devoted to "Investigations on Asymptotic Statistics".

Since 1988 till now he is at the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering where he helds the position of the Leading Scientific Researcher.

Since 1995 till now he has half-part position of Professor of Statistics in St. Petersburg State University.

M.Ermakov is the author of more then 40 scientific papers. His interests are related with asymptotic methods of mathematical statistics: asymptotic equivalence of statistical experiments, inverse problems, testing nonparametric hypothesis, problems of large deviations probabilities in statistics, bootstrap procedures.

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