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IPME programs, RAS programs and grants

Year Title and number of program Title of project or research
2007-2011 RAS fundamental research "Automation and Control".
Section: 3.1.1. General controlled processess theory.
Development and research I3-technologies with LP risk models and knowledge bases for complex problems decision.
2008 OEMMPU RAS fundamental research program, N 17 "Stability, safety, effeciency of multicomponent engineering systems under risk criteria and usefulness". Scenario logical and probabilistic management of risk and efficiency in complex systems.
2009 OEMMPU RAS fundamental research program, N 2 "Problems of management and safety of complex power and technical devices". "Management of risk and safety of testing and exploitation of complex power and technical systems by monitoring data".
2010 OEMMPU RAS intersection fundamental research program, N 3 "Problems of management and safety in energy sector; active and adaptive systems". "Logical and probabilistic models of risk of failure of complex technical problems decision; LP-model of testing, etc.".
2001-2015 Holding of international conferences by grants of RFBR. International scientific school "Modeling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems (MASR)", 2001-2015.
2012-2016 Scientific directions in IPME RAS program "Management of Reliability, Safety and Risk". Development of theory and technology of logical and probabilistic (LP) management of safety and risk in complex systems.


The computer allows to solve all those problems which did not exist before
invention of a computer.

Computer news

Software is so important for the evaluation and analysis of risk and efficiency in systems that without it problems are not existing. In other words, the computer can solve those problems, which did not exist before invention of the computer. Constructing of risk LP-model on statistical data and risk analysis has high computational complexity and can be performed with the use of computers and special Software only. We developed a set of programs for performing of these works.

- Software for "LP-classification? models class (credit risks), including problems of identification;
- Software for "LP-efficiency? models class (security portfolio risk);
- Software "Expa? for synthesis of probabilities of events under nun-numeric, inexact and incomplete information;
- Software "Arbiter? for structural and logical modeling in engineering and economics.

Training course

You can leave the science, but not before you write a textbook.
The precept to Professors

Training course "Top-economics. Management of socioeconomic safety". The course is based on books:


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