Intelligent Integrated Systems of Automated Designing Laboratory ( IISAD )



1. E.D. Solozhentsev, V.V. Karasev - Laureates of VI International Contest "Best Risk Management in Russia and CIS - 2011" in nomination "Best Scientific Publication in Risk Management". The paper "I3-Technologies For Counteraction To bribes And Corruption" - Risk Analysis Problems, N 2, 2010.

2. E.I. Karaseva - Laureate of Contest of Scientific and Research Projects in Education and Science among Postgraduates and Young Scientists in Program "Strategic Development of Educational, Scientific and Innovative Potential of SUAI as Innovative Researc University in 2012.".

Dissertations and professional skills

During 2000 - 2013 three dissertations were defended (V.V. karasev, V.V. Alexeev, E.I. Karaseva).
Solozhentsev E.D. is professor of SUAI, Department of Information Technologies in Business, Institute of Business Technologies and Department of Computer Mathematics and Programming", Engineering Faculty. He developed new scientific discipline "Top-economics. Management of socioeconomic safety". He is teaching lections 9two semesters) and 10 practical works. There are 2-3 diploma works anually.


RFBR grants aimed to holding of International Scientific Schools "Modeling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Compex Systems", 2001 - 2011, 2014 - 2016.

Stages of Laboratory Evolution

There are three main stages:
I. Scenario logical amnd probabilistic risk models for structural comples systems;
II. Technologies of logical and probabilistic risk management in structural complex systems;
III. Top-economics. Management of socioeconomic safety.

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