Evgueni Dmitrievich Solojentsev

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Intelligent Integrated Systems Laboratory,
Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Academy of Sciences of Russia

Bolshoy 61, V.O., St-Petersburg, 199178, RUSSIA
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Eugene Dmitrievich Solojentsev was born in 1939. He is head of the "Intelligent Integrated Automated Design Systems Laboratory? of the Institute of Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, the staff of "Information technologies in economics?; and an Honored worker of Science of the Russian Federation.

E.D. Solojentsev graduated from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (1960), defended the candidate dissertation (1967, Central Research Diesel Engine Institute, St. Petersburg) and the doctoral dissertation (1983, Institute of cybernetics of UAS, Kiev), and became Professor (1994) and Honored worker of Science of the RF (1999). From 1967 to 1985, he worked as Head of Department of Automated System CAD/CAM/CAT in industry (Gorkiy, Sumi).

Since 1986, E.D. Solojentsev works at IPME RAS. E.D. Solojentsev is the author of over 200 scientific papers including eight books.

He is the founder of scientific bases of construction of the automated debugging test systems. He developed the logic and probabilistic risk theory with groups of incompatible events for problem of classification, efficiency, analysis and forecasting. E.D. Solojentsev is the Chairman of the National Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Schools "Modeling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems? (St. Petersburg, IPME RAS, 2001-2010).


30 years varied research experience in the areas:

  1. development of the scientific bases of construction of the intelligent systems of control, tests, diagnosing, quality, safety and risk;
  2. development and research of models of risk for structural complex technical and economic systems;
  3. decision to tasks of identification of logical and probabilistic models of risk.


 An author of 130 scientific papers. The most significant works are following:

  1. Vasiliev V.V., Solojentsev E.D. Cybernetics methods at creation of machines./- M.: Engineering, 1978.- 122 p. (Russian)
  2. Fundamentals of design of automated systems for complex objects debugging. /- Doctor of Science thesis. - Institute of a cybernetics AS USSR.- Kiev. - 1983. (Russian)
  3. Solojentsev E.D., Korobitsin I.A. Information technology of maintenance of reliability of complex machines on a stage of debugging tests. /- Problem of an engineering and reliability of machines, N 6, p.92-96.- Academy of Sciences USSR, - Moscow, 1990. (Russian)
  4. Solojentsev E.D., Korobitsin I.A., Tkachev N.N. Intelligent Programs and Procedures for Debugging of the Complex Machines. / In Industrial Application of AI. Editors: J.Alty and L.Mikulich, Elsevier Science Publ. B.V., IFIP-1991, p.296-301.
  5. Solojentsev E.D. The introduction in intelligent AWS and expert systems in mashing. /- The educational allowance, St-Petersburg, State Academy of Aerospace equipment building, 1991.- 86 p. (Russian)
  6. Theory and information technology of simulation of safety of complex systems. // Under edition I. Ryabinin and E. Solojentsev. - St-Petersburg: IPMASH RAS, 1994-95. - Issues 1-5. - 400 p. (Russian)
  7. Solojentsev E.D., Karasev V.V., Solozhentsev V.E. Logical and probabilistic evaluation of bank risks and frauds in business. /- St-Petersburg.- Politechnika.- 1996.- (7 a.p.). (Russian)
  8. Solojentsev E.D., Karassev V.V. The logical and probabilistic method of assessment of credit risks and identification of risk models / International ICSC Congress ?Computational intelligence: method and applications (CIMA-99)? / Proceedings: Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT, Rochester, N.Y., USA, 1999.
  9. Solojentsev E.D., Karassev V.V. Adaptive optimisation by slight increment of parameters for identification of the logical and probabilistic risk models. / 6th Saint Petersburg Symposium on Adaptive System Theory / dedicated to the memory of Ya. Z. Tsypkin / Proceedings: September 7-9, 1999, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, p.190-193.
  10. Solojentsev E.D., Karassev V.V., Solojentsev V.E. Logical and probabilistic risk models in banking, business and quality. St.Petersburg, Nauka, 1999, 120 pp.
  11. Solojentsev E.D., Karasev V.V. Risk logical and probabilistic models in business and identification of risk models . - Informatica 25 (2001) 49-55.
  12. Solojentsev E. Logic and probabilistic models of risk in banks, businessand quality / in Abstracts' book of Second International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability, Bordeaux, France, July 4-7, 2000. Recent Advances in Reliability Theory. Methodology, Practice, and Inference.- 2000, Volume 2, pp.982-985.
  13. Proceeding of International Scientific School "Modelling and Analysis of Safety, Risk and Quality in Complex Systems", June 18-22, 2001, Saint-Petersburg, Russia ( Edited by I. Ryabinin and E.Solojentsev ).


Publications by E.D. Solozhentsev before 2012


Head of the Intelligent Integrated Systems Laboratory.

Developed of an information technology and models for intelligent automated workstations for ensuring engineering and organizing systems diagnostic, safety and risk. Development of techniques of training of logic-probabilistic models of risk on a statistical data.

Professor (pluralize).

Created the course of lectures Expert Systems and Intelligent Automated Workstations.

Head of the department CAD/CAM/CAT.

Designed of AWSs for tests and diagnostics.



Degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences - 1967. Doctor of Technical Sciences - 1983.



1939 birth year, Permanent RUSSIA resident. Married, two children.



English, German - can speak , translate and write.

Tel.: 7(812) 321 47 66; Fax: 7(812) 321 47 71;

E-mail: esokar@gmail.com