Intelligent Integrated Systems of Automated Design Laboratory ( IISAD )



Evgueni Solojentsev - Chief of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Igor Ryabinin - Honorary Research Fellow, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Founder of the logical and probabilistic methods of the structural complex systems reliability.

Kostas Giannopoulos - Honorary Research Fellow, Doctor laureate in Banking and Economics. VaR analysis, market risk models, market risk management, methods of correlation modeling and security pricing. Development of methods of Filtered Historical Simulation. Consulting service.

Alexeev Vadim - Researcher, Software engineer, Candidate in Technical Science. Development of the techniques and programs for logical and probabilistic VaR in tasks of selection of security portfolio.

Karasev Vasily - Senior Researcher, Candidate in Technical Science.
Logical and probabilistic methods in risk estimation, representation of knowledge, mathematical modeling, analysis, complex problem solving.


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