Laboratory of micro-mechanics of materials

E.L. Aero (1934-2016)
the founder and the first Head of the Lab


Special Issue in Honor of Eron L Aero

Members of the Laboratory

Main directions of the study:

  • Modeling of nonlinear wave processes in media with complex internal structure.

  • Studying of influence of microstructure on the environment conditions for the appearance and behavior of extended defects.

  • Computer simulation of fluid behavior in nanoscale channels and solids during their deformation.

  • Obtaining of analytical and numerical solutions of nonlinear wave equations.

  • Development of numerical methods for the study of processes in the bio-mechanical environments, liquids and solids, heat transfer processes and lubrication.

Contact address:

Laboratory of Micromechanics of Materials

V.O., Bol'shoy pr., 61, St.Petersburg 199178, Russia
Tel.: 7 (812) 3214764; Fax: 7 (812) 3214771