Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory of Methods and Systems of Automation

Andrei E. Gorodetsky

Personal Information:

Affiliation and official address:

199178, St.Petersburg, Bolshoy pr. V.O., 61, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering. Phone: + 7 (812) 217 09 63, e-mail: g27764 at


Permament Employment: 1992 - present time: Head of the MSA laboratory

Teaching: 1996 - present time: Proffesor in St.Petersburg State Technical University

Membership: Russian Metrological Academy

Scientific Activities:

  1. Adaptive opto-electronics information processing
  2. 1/f - processes (measurement and simulation)
  3. Fuzzy engineering and control
  4. Self- organized and self-control dynamic objects with artificial intelligence in indeterminate enviroument.
  5. Intellectualization of automated systems for physical researches and experiments.

International collaboration:

Publications: More than 30 papers in refereed journals, More than 40 communications to scientific meetings. More than 50 patents.


  1. Fuzzy mathematical modeling of badly formalizable processes and systems, 2010 (pdf, 9.4 Mb)
  2. Calculation in control system, 2010 (pdf, 86 Mb)
  3. Control and neural networks, 2010 (pdf, 82 Mb)