Aleksei P. Kiselev



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Tel: + 7 (812) 321-47-66

Fax: + 7 (812) 321-47-71

E-mail: aleksei.kiselev at

Address: V.O., Bolshoy pr., 61, St. Peters­burg, 199178, Russia, IPME RAS

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Position in IPME RAS:

Principal Research Scientist

Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena

Academic degree:

Ph. D., D. Sc.



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Professional activity:

1965–1971 — Leningrad State University, student

1971–1977 — Steklov Mathematical Institute Leningrad Branch, researcher, engineer

1977–1988 — Rudgeofizika Corporation, engineer, senior researcher

since 1988 — IPME RAS, researcher, senior researcher, principal research Scientist (part-time since 2002)

since 2002 — Steklov Institute St. Peters­burg Department, Principal Research Scientist

Scientific interests:

  • Diffraction and propagation

  • Linear theory of elastic waves

  • Localized waves in optics and acoustics


St. Peters­burg Mathematical Society

Dissertation councils:

Steklov Institute St. Peters­burg Department (Mathematical Physics)

Editorial boards:

Proceedings of the Conference Days on Diffraction


St. Peters­burg State University, Department of Higher Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Professor

Organizing conferences:

Annual International Conference Days on Diffraction

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