Russian Academy of Sciences

XXV Summer School

Nonlinear Oscillations - 97


July 1 -- July 7, 1997

Second Announcement and Call for Papers

New info (June, 24): ss97_program.tex,

bus schedule to "Zarya", Repino

The Summer school will be organized by Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering,Russian Academy of Sciences. "Nonlinear oscillations - 97" (Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) is the twenty-fifth in a series of annual summer schools on application of mathematics to nonlinear oscillations problems. The purpose of the school is to attract the attention of researchers to recent results in application of mathematics to nonlinear oscillations problems. The lectures will be given by well known scientists.

Summer school is a meeting with a limited number of participants (not more than 60). This School will be held in pansionat "Zarya", Repino, 40 km from St.Petersburg.

Scientific programme

The scientific programme focuses on seven main topics:

Each topic is assigned a special session consisting of two invited lectures and three contributed lectures.The working languages for the school are English and Russian.

Organizing committee

Registration fee

The registration fee is $ 250 which includes :

Call for Papers

Authors who wish to present a 20 minute contributed lecture should submit a one page abstract in English and Latex format with article 12pt style.Page size is A4.Authors are kindly asked to submit the abstract of their presentation via e-mail to M.G. Zeitlin :

Deadline: 1 June, 1997.

The paper for proceedings (8 pages for a short communication, 15 pages for invited lecture) must be presented in both electronic form (LaTeX) via e-mail and a camera ready form (A4, all margins are 2.5 cm)
Deadline : 1th December, 1997.


Repino is located on the cost of the Gulf of Finland, 40 km from the city. Pansionat "Zarya", Repino can be reached by 3 ways:

  1. from Finland railway station to station "Repino" by train
  2. from metro station "Chernaya Rechka" by bus #411 to station "Repino, pansionat Zarya". Bus departure time :
    6-55; 7-45; 8-25; 9-15; 10-10; 11-20; 12-35; 13-15; 14-15; 15-15; 15-50; 16-45; 17-45; 18-50; 20-00; 21-15; 22-10; 23-00.
  3. from station "Zelenogorsk" (reached from Finland railway station) by some buses to station "Repino, pansionat Zarya".
    Bus departure time:
    #312: 6-35; 7-25; 9-05; 9-55; 12-20; 13-20; 14-55; 15-55; 16-40; 20-25.
    #411: 8-00; 8-45; 9-35; 10-55; 12-05; 13-05; 13-55; 14-45; 15-30; 16-10; 17-15; 18-35; 20-00; 20-55; 22-05; 23-05.

In June and July you will experience the magnificent summer nights when it is never really dark and the days are only separated by a couple of hours of twilight.


During June and July in Repino, you can expect typical coastal summer weather. The temperature may vary between 15-25 degrees C. Rainy days may occur.

Address of the Organizing Committee:

61, Bolshoj pr., V.O., St.Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Phone: (7-812)-217-86-02 to A.K.Abramian
(7-812)-217-02-89 to E.V.Serogo
Fax : (7-812) 217-86-14

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