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No 1, Vol. 38, 2014       get Acrobat Reader

  1. Ivan Dimitrijevic and Igor Pantic
    Application of Nanoparticles in Psychophysiology and Psychiatry Research
    pages 1-6
    abstract    pdf (64 Kb)
  2. Vladimir N. Popok
    Cluster Ion Implantation in Graphite and Diamond: Radiation Damage and Stopping of Cluster Constituents
    pages 7-16
    abstract    pdf (864 Kb)
  3. B.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, S.G. Protasova, A.M. Gusak, M.F. Bulatov, A.B. Straumal and B. Baretzky
    Grain Boundary Phenomena in NdFeB-based Hard Magnetic Alloys
    pages 17-28
    abstract    pdf (1408 Kb)
  4. J. Roy, S. Chandra, S. Das and S. Maitra
    Oxidation Behaviour of Silicon Carbide - a Review
    pages 29-39
    abstract    pdf (128 Kb)
  5. M.S. Senthil Kumar, N. Mohana Sundara Raju, P.S. Sampath and L.S. Jayakumari
    Effects of Nano Materials on Polymer Composites - an Expatiate View
    pages 40-54
    abstract    pdf (1200 Kb)
  6. B. Vijaya Ramnath, C. Elanchezhian, RM. Annamalai, S. Aravind, T. Sri Ananda Atreya, V. Vignesh and C.Subramanian
    Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites - a Review
    pages 55-60
    abstract    pdf (72 Kb)
  7. Naiming Lin, Hongyan Zhang, Jiaojuan Zou and Bin Tang
    Recent Developments in Improving Tribological Performance of TC4 Titanium Alloy
    via Double Glow Plasma Surface Alloying in China: a Literature Review
    pages 61-74
    abstract    pdf (1968 Kb)
  8. V.N. Bessolov, E.V. Konenkova, S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov and S.N. Rodin
    Semipolar Gallium Nitride on Silicon: Technology and Properties
    pages 75-93
    abstract    pdf (1920 Kb)
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