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  1. V.G. Konakov, O.Yu. Kurapova, N.N. Novik, S.N. Golubev, A.P. Zhilyaev, S.N. Sergeev, I.Yu. Archakov and I.A. Ovid'ko
    Nanotwinned Copper - Graphene Composite: Synthesis and Microstructure
    pages 1-7
    abstract    pdf (4288 Kb)
  2. A.N. Fouda, El Shazly M. Duraia and Farid El-Tantawy
    A Facile Doping of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
    pages 8-14
    abstract    pdf (2080 Kb)
  3. E.A. Koposova, A.A. Pendin, Y.E. Ermolenko, G.I. Shumilova, A.A. Starikova and Y.G. Mourzina
    Morphological Properties and Photoconductivity of Self-assembled Sn/Co Porphyrin Nanostructures
    pages 15-19
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  4. A. Lukyanov, A. Churakova, D. Gunderov, A. Filatov, E. Antipov, V. Sitdikov, A. Ganeev, R. Valiev and V. Pushin
    Microstructure Transformation in a Cast Cu-Fe Alloy at High Pressure Torsion Deformation
    pages 20-27
    abstract    pdf (3168 Kb)
  5. V.I. Semenov, L.Sh. Shuster, S.-J. Huang, R. Rajendran, S.V. Chertovskikh and V.G. Shibakov
    Comparative Evaluation of the Tribological Properties of Low- and Medium-carbon
    Steels after Heat Treatment and Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 28-35
    abstract    pdf (800 Kb)
  6. S. Saha and K. Talukdar
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Thermal Conductivities for Twisted and
    Untwisted Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
    pages 36-41
    abstract    pdf (1136 Kb)
  7. V.I. Betekhtin, Yu.R. Kolobov, .. Golosova, J. Dvorak, V. Sklenicka,
    B.K. Kardashev, .G. Kadomtsev, M.V. Narykova and M.B. Ivanov

    Elastic Modulus, Microplastic Properties and Durability of Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications
    pages 42-51
    abstract    pdf (1072 Kb)
  8. B.N. Semenov, I.V. Smirnov and Yu.V. Sud'enkov
    Optoacoustic Investigations of Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-grained Aluminum AD1
    after Severe Plastic Deformation by Torsion and Thermal Treatment
    pages 52-58
    abstract    pdf (1264 Kb)
  9. E.G. Zemtsova, P.E. Morozov, R.Z. Valiev, J. Orekhov and V.M. Smirnov
    The Synthesis of Titanium-organic Nanostructures on Nanotitanium
    Surface for Biocompatible Coating Development
    pages 59-66
    abstract    pdf (1088 Kb)
  10. R.A. Parshikov, A.I. Rudskoy, A.M. Zolotov and O.V. Tolochko
    Analysis of Specimen Plastic Flow Features during Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 67-75
    abstract    pdf (1808 Kb)
  11. I.A. Ovid'ko and A.G. Sheinerman
    Transmission of Deformation Twins across Grain Boundaries in Nanocrystalline
    and Ultrafine-grained Metals
    pages 76-83
    abstract    pdf (736 Kb)
  12. Hao Liu, Haokun Deng, Jian-Qiang Bi and Katerina E. Aifantis
    Synthesis of Silicon Hollow Nanospheres with a Mesoporous Shell
    via a Low-temperature Metathesis Reaction
    pages 84-90
    abstract    pdf (1376 Kb)
  13. I.A. Ovid'ko, N.V. Skiba and A.G. Sheinerman
    Nucleation of Nanograins through Stress-driven Migration and
    Splitting of Grain Boundaries in Nanomaterials and Gum Metals
    pages 91-96
    abstract    pdf (416 Kb)
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