RAMS e-journal
No 1, Vol. 48, 2017       get Acrobat Reader

  1. R.W. Armstrong
    Dislocation Pile-ups, Strength Properties and Fracturing
    pages 1-12
    abstract    pdf (1614 Kb)
  2. Megumi Kawasaki, Han-Joo Lee, Jae-il Jang and Terence G. Langdon
    Strengthening of Metals through Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 13-24
    abstract    pdf (4404 Kb)
  3. Monika Furkó, Katalin Balázsi and Csaba Balázsi
    Comparative Study on Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Coatings for Biomedical Applications-a review on Recent Patents and Literature
    pages 25-51
    abstract    pdf (1536 Kb)
  4. Y.H. Zhao and Y.T. Zhu
    Lattice Expansion and Grain Boundary Excess Volume of Nanocrystalline Se Prepared by Mechanical Milling
    pages 52-61
    abstract    pdf (912 Kb)
  5. I.P. Semenova, R.R. Valiev, K.S. Selivanov, Yu. M.Modina, A.V. Polyakov, M.K. Smyslova and R.Z. Valiev
    Enhanced Strength and Scratch Resistance of Ultra-fine Grained Ti64 Alloy with (Ti+V)N Coating
    pages 62-70
    abstract    pdf (1072 Kb)
  6. O.Yu. Kurapova, V.G. Konakov, A.S. Grashchenko, N.N. Novik, S.N. Golubev and I.A. Ovid'ko
    Nanotwinned Copper-graphene Composites with High Hardness
    pages 71-77
    abstract    pdf (1504 Kb)
  7. Yang Wang, Xiaodong Xia and George J. Weng
    Magnetoelectric Coupling and Interface Effects of Multiferroic Composites under Stress-prescribed Boundary Condition
    pages 78-90
    abstract    pdf (6880 Kb)

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