Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 1, Vol. 56, 2018, pages 79-90


Mudasar Pasha B.A. and Mohammed Kaleemulla


An increased interest is observed in recent years in the processing of aluminum metal matrix composites (AMMCs) due to their remarkable properties such as light in weight, very high strength, environmental resistance, corrosion resistance, and low thermal coefficient of expansion compared to conventional metal and alloys. This leads to superior compressive strength, for fuel cell applications, low density and low cost for automotive and small engine applications. Homogeneous distribution of the reinforcement phase in turns improves hardness and ultimate tensile strength for lightweight applications, especially aeronautical and high-speed train industries. Uniform distribution of reinforcement directly influences properties and quality of the composite material. And develop a conventional low-cost method of producing metal matrix composites to obtain a homogenous dispersion of reinforcing materials. In this review article, processing and characterization of aluminum metal matrix composites have been reviewed. The Point of convergence is given to the new fabrication techniques, their physical and mechanical characterization. Substantially this review article censoriously reviews the present and past state of understanding of the processing of aluminum metal matrix composites with different reinforcement. The resulting failure mechanisms are discussed. Instructions are given to clarify open questions related to the fabrications of aluminum metal matrix composites.

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