RAMS e-journal
   No 1, Vol. 56, 2018       get Acrobat Reader

  1. S.K. Khatkar, N.M. Suri, S. Kant and Pankaj
    A Review on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Graphite Reinforced Selflubricating Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
    pages 1-20
    abstract    pdf  (3056 Kb)
  2. Mahdi Bagheripoor and Robert Klassen
    Length Scale Plasticity: a Review from the Perspective of Dislocation Nucleation
    pages 21-61
    abstract    pdf  (4608 Kb)
  3. S. Vlassov, S. Oras, M. Antsov, I. Sosnin, B. Polyakov, A. Shutka, M.Yu. Krauchanka and L.M. Dorogin
    Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of PDMS-based Materials Probed with AFM: a Review
    pages 62-78
    abstract    pdf  (3504 Kb)
  4. Mudasar Pasha B.A. and Mohammed Kaleemulla
    Processing and Characterization of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites: an Overview
    pages 79-90
    abstract    pdf  (1200 Kb)
  5. Hidayatullah Khan, Muhammad Amin and Ayaz Ahmad
    Characteristics of Silicone Composites for High Voltage Insulations
    pages 91-123
    abstract    pdf  (2272 Kb)
  6. A.G. Glukharev and V.G. Konakov
    Synthesis and Properties of Zirconia-Graphene Composite Ceramics: a Brief Review
    pages 124-138
    abstract    pdf  (1280 Kb)

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