No 2, Vol. 14, 2007, pages 187-192


G.J. Papadopoulos


Formulae for the magnetoresistance, developed earlier, are employed in the case of thin films. With the magnetic field perpendicular to the film, the energies for both the motions, along and perpendicular to the magnetic field are quantized. This, in conjunction with Fermi-Dirac statistics at low temperature leads to oscillatory mean energy, with the magnetic field for the perpendicular motion. As a result the formulae, in question, under combinations of values for the carrier mobility and a relevant collective parameter magnetoresistance oscillations become manifest in terms of the magnetic field. Evaluations of the magnetoresistance are presented for films with thickness of 1 µm and different mobilities in combination with choices of relevant collective parameters. The collective parameter determines whether the magnetoresistance proceeds initially, for small fields with positive or negative values, while its combination with the mobility value the size of the oscillations.

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