Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 2, Vol. 32, 2012, pages 149-157


Rawtani Deepak and Y.K. Agrawal


The progress in field of nanocomposites formation is varied and covers different areas. Nanocomposites can be made from nanomaterials with an intention to enhance physical, thermal and other unique properties. Concomitant formed nanocomposites have properties that are superior to conventional micro scale composites and can be synthesized employing simple and inexpensive techniques. The addition of small amounts of nanomaterials in polymers have been able to alter new properties of the composite material, but results are highly dependent on the surface treatment of the nanomaterials and processing applications. It is important to determine whether nanomaterials could be integrated into nanocomposites to modify multiple desirable properties as required for a given nanocomposites. Mineral clays because of their exceptional properties have been used for nanocomposites. Materials variables have tremendous influence on the nature and properties of the final nanocomposites include the selection of clay, type of clay pre-treatment, the choice of polymer and their component and the mode in which the polymer is incorporated into the nanocomposite. Addition of Halloysite in different polymer based nanocomposites enhanced their physical, mechanical and thermal properties. In this review, we have tried to summarize the influence of Halloysite on resultant properties of various Halloysite based nanocomposites used for the pertinence in the various research fields.

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