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  1. Sima Askari, Rouein Halladj and Morteza Sohrabi
    An Overview of the Effects of Crystallization Time, Template and Silicon Sources on Hydrothermal Synthesis of SAPO-34 Molecular Sieve with Small Crystals
    pages 83-93
    abstract    pdf (1152 Kb)
  2. Payel Bera, Neha Guptha, K. Priya Dasan and R. Natarajan
    Recent Developments in Synthetic Marble Processing
    pages 94-105
    abstract    pdf (148 Kb)
  3. M. Thiruchitrambalam, A. Alavudeen and N.Venkateshwaran
    Review on Kenaf Fiber Composites
    pages 106-111
    abstract    pdf (256 Kb)
  4. O.Yu. Kurapova, V.G. Konakov, S.N. Golubev, V.M. Ushakov and I.Yu. Archakov
    Cryochemical Methods for Manufacturing Nanosized Ceramics and Ceramic Precursor Powders with Low Agglomeration Degree: a Review
    pages 112-132
    abstract    pdf (1552 Kb)
  5. C. Veiga, J.P. Davim and A.J.R. Loureiro
    Properties and Applications of Titanium Alloys: a Brief Review
    pages 133-148
    abstract    pdf (768 Kb)
  6. Rawtani Deepak and Y.K. Agrawal
    Study of Nanocomposites with Emphasis to Halloysite Nanotubes
    pages 149-157
    abstract    pdf (752 Kb)
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