Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 2, Vol. 36, 2014, pages 137-151


Zhenfeng Zhao, Xianbao Wang, Jiale Qiu, Jingjing Lin, Doudou Xu,
Chang'an Zhang, Meijiao Lv and Xuyu Yang


Graphene-based hydrogels/aerogels (GHA) have attracted widespread attention due to its excellent mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, thermal stability and adsorption capability. In this article, some research achievements are reviewed on preparation strategies, formation mechanisms and potential applications of GHA. Except for the normal method of self-assembly, some new technologies for fabricating GHA framework were summarized including chemical reduction self-assembly, polymerization, adding cross-linking agents and so on. Meanwhile, we concluded the applications in various fields, such as environmental protection, biomedicine and energy sources. Finally, a perspective in the future challenge about fabricating GHA is also given.

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