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No 2, Vol. 36, 2014       get Acrobat Reader

    Contents (pdf, 10 Kb)

  1. M. Manjaiah, S. Narendranath and S. Basavarajappa
    A Review on Machining of Titanium Based Alloys Using EDM and WEDM
    pages 89-111
    abstract    pdf (3008 Kb)
  2. S. Suresh and P. Mathan
    A Review on Role of Nanostructures in Drug Delivery System
    pages 112-117
    abstract    pdf (640 Kb)
  3. Ting Lee, Chee-Heong Ooi, Radzali Othman and Fei-Yee Yeoh
    Activated Carbon Fiber - the Hybrid of Carbon Fiber and Activated Carbon
    pages 118-136
    abstract    pdf (1056 Kb)
  4. Zh. Zhao, X.Wang, J. Qiu, J. Lin, D. Xu, C. Zhang, M. Lv and X. Yang
    Three-Dimensional Graphene-Based Hydrogel/Aerogel Materials
    pages 137-151
    abstract    pdf (3744 Kb)
  5. P. Kah, R. Suoranta and J. Martikainen
    Techniques for Joining Dissimilar Materials: Metals and Polymers
    pages 152-164
    abstract    pdf (1024 Kb)
  6. S. Hina, Yu. Zhang and H. Wang
    Characterization of Polymeric Solutions: a Brief Overview
    pages 165-176
    abstract    pdf (800 Kb)
  7. O.Yu. Kurapova and V.G. Konakov
    Phase Evolution in Zirconia Based Systems
    pages 177-190
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
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