Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 2, Vol. 40, 2015, pages 146-154


Qinqin Zhang, Guangyu Zhang, Jun Xu, Chuanhui Gao and Yumin Wu


The incentive for use of bio-based polyol instead of petroleum-based polyol is motivating extensive research on polyurethane (PU) materials derived from lignin as fillers or raw material. Lignin is an abundant, underutilized component of cellulosic biomass and it offers a prospect of becoming a crucial feedstock. Regards to PU polymers, lignin is mainly used for production of polyurethane foams, followed by elastomers and adhesives. The present review summarizes the substantial and novel progress on lignin-derived PU materials over last few decades, containing an introduction of the physical and chemical properties of lignin and PU materials. The work so far carried out indicates that lignin can be used as a bio-based polyol to fully or partly replace petroleum-based polyols, which is environmentally friendly and economical. The review also includes recommendations for further research on the compatibility between the lignin and the PU matrix and the mechanism of lignin in PU polymers.

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