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No 2, Vol. 40, 2015       get Acrobat Reader

  1. Tong Gao, Zhi Chen, Qiaoli Huang, Feng Niu, Xiani Huang, Laishun Qin and Yuexiang Huang
    A Review: Preparation of Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticles and Its Applications in Visible-Light Induced Photocatalyses
    pages 97-109
    abstract    pdf (2752 Kb)
  2. Morvarid Rashidian and Davoud Dorranian
    Investigation of Optical Limiting in Nanometal
    pages 110-126
    abstract    pdf (1264 Kb)
  3. Azzam Ahmed and Li Wei
    The Low-velocity Impact Damage resistance of the Composite Structures - a Review
    pages 127-145
    abstract    pdf (2544 Kb)
  4. Qinqin Zhang, Guangyu Zhang, Jun Xu, Chuanhui Gao and Yumin Wu
    Recent Advances on Ligin-derived Polyurethane polymers
    pages 146-154
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  5. A.L. Stepanov, V.I. Nuzhdin, V.F. Valeev, V.V. Vorobev, T.S. Kavetskyy and Y.N. Osin
    Synthesis of Porous Silicon by Ion Implantation
    pages 155-164
    abstract    pdf (3296 Kb)
  6. W. Zhang, X.D. Zuo and C.W. Wu
    Synthesis and Magnetic Properties os Carbon Nanotube-iron Oxide Nanoparticle Composites for Hyperthermia: a Review
    pages 165-176
    abstract    pdf (880 Kb)
  7. Deepak Rawtani, Teena Sajan, Amipara Twinkle R and Y.K. Agrawal
    Emerging Strategies for Synthesis and Manipulation of Nanowires: a Review
    pages 177-187
    abstract    pdf (352 Kb)
  8. N.N. Novik, V.G. Konakov and I. Yu. Archakov
    Zirconia and Ceria Based Ceramics and Nanoceramics- a Review on Electrochemical and Mechanical Properties
    pages 188-207
    abstract    pdf (624 Kb)
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