Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 3, Vol. 30, 2012, pages 243-253


Sagadevan Suresh and Dakshanamoorthy Arivuoli


Nonlinear optics is given increasing attention due to its wide application in the area of laser technology, optical communication and data storage technology .The growth of activities on NLO properties of nanomaterials, proposed by the agitation of understanding new science and potential hope for applications in daily life as optical devices, photonic circuits, and environmental sensor as well as in medical diagnostics. Intense research has been fueled by the need for practical optical device that can deal the deficiencies of conventional technologies. The leading materials could have very high bulk second order NLO values well beyond those available today, which in turn would enable optical switches and modulators of smaller dimensions than what is currently available, while at the same time substantially reducing the cost of fabrication of electrooptic (EO) devices.This paper mainly focus on recent advances in second and third order NLO properties of nanomaterials and understanding new science behind the extraordinary NLO values of nanomaterials. It also discusses about the development of nanomaterial based optical technology.

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