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  1. I.A. Ovid'ko
    Review on Grain Boundaries in Graphene. Curved Poly- and Nanocrystalline Graphene Structures as new Carbon Allotropes
    pages 201-224
    abstract    pdf (10 Mb)
  2. M. Mincea, A. Negrulescu and V. Ostafe
    Preparation, Modification, and Applications of Chitin Nanowhiskers: a Review
    pages 225-242
    abstract    pdf (1184 Kb)
  3. Sagadevan Suresh and Dakshanamoorthy Arivuoli
    Nanomaterials for Nonlinear Optical (NLO) Applications: a Review
    pages 243-253
    abstract    pdf (2.2 Mb)
  4. P. Asokan, M. Firdoous and W. Sonal
    Properties and Potential of Bio Fibres, Bio Binders, and Bio Composites
    pages 254-261
    abstract    pdf (1856 Kb)
  5. Nur Maizatul Shima Adzali, Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin and Mohd Nazree Derman
    Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Behavior and Bioactivity of Composite
    Metal Alloys Added with Ceramic for Biomedical Applications
    pages 262-266
    abstract    pdf (4480 Kb)
  6. C. Maranhão and J.P. Davim
    Residual Stresses in Machining Using FEM Analysis - a Review
    pages 267-272
    abstract    pdf (1120 Kb)
  7. D.E. Garcia, A.N. Klein and D. Hotza
    Advanced Ceramics with Dense and Fine-Grained Microstructures through Fast Firing
    pages 273-281
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  8. Deepak Rawtani and Y.K. Agrawal
    Multifarious Applications of Halloysite Nanotubes: a Review
    pages 282-295
    abstract    pdf (1248 Kb)
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