Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 3, Vol. 30, 2012, pages 282-295


Deepak Rawtani and Y.K. Agrawal


Natural tubules Halloysite are unique and versatile material formed by surface weathering of aluminosilicate minerals and comprises of different proportion of aluminum, silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It has chemical formula of Al4Si4O10(OH)8 ·4H2O. Nanotubular geometry of halloysites exhibit nanoscale dimensions. Basically, this tubular arrangement varies with different regions. HNTs have high mechanical strength and modulus and these features make it an ideal material for preparing different polymer based composites. Halloysites (HNT's) are being used for so many varieties of biological and non-biological applications; remediation of environmental contaminants, act as a cargo for the delivery of drugs and various macro molecules, storage of molecular hydrogen and for catalytic conversion and processing of hydrocarbons. They are usually applied in the fabrication of high quality ceramic white-ware, nanotemplates and nano scale reaction vessels. In conjunction with different epoxy (EP) composites halloysite used to improve the mechanical properties of polymer. Various features of HNT's like rigidity, higher aspect ratio, and easy dispersability in polymer matrix and more importantly its abundant availability and biocompatibility make it a subject of fascination. In this review, we tried to summarize the various facet of halloysite nano tubes for the pertinence in the various research fields.

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