Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 4, Vol. 18, 2008, pages 353-359


A.N. Streletskii, I.V. Kolbanev, D.G.Permenov, I. V. Povstugar, A.B.Borunova,
A.Yu.Dolgoborodov, M.N.Makhov and P.Yu. Butyagin


The paper considers the rules of formation, the structure and reactivity of aluminum based composites with the additives of graphite, BN, MoO3 and Teflon, prepared by mechanochemical method. Under mechanical treatment the following stages were separated: (i) independent grinding and mixing of reagents, (ii) formation of moleculardense composites consisted from nanosizes Al particles and matrix of second component, (iii) chemical interaction of components and (iv) crystallization of products. Formation of nanosizes Al/X composites (stage ii) leads to the great increase of reactivity. For example, for Al/C nanocomposites the depth and oxidation rate of reaction of Al with oxygen, nitrogen and water significantly increases, but temperature of solid phase interaction Al + C decreases down to 850 ; for system Al/MoO3 combustion rate increases from 1 to 400 m/s, for Al/Teflon was observed detonation like regime with the velocity up to 1300 m/s, etc.

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