RAMS e-journal
No 4, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents & Prefaces (pdf, 168 Kb)

  1. Gyula Kakuk, Agnes Csanady, Laszlo Trif, Istvan Sajó, Katalin Papp, Anna Sztaniszlav and Erika Kálmán
    The Influence of Nanomilling on the Formation of Ba-Hexaferrite
    pages 317-321
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  2. Tomasz Pikula, Dariusz Oleszak, Marek Pekala, Jan K. Żurawicz and Elzbieta Jartych
    Thermal Stability and Hyperfine Interactions of Mechanically Synthesized Co40Fe40Ni20 Alloy
    pages 322-325
    abstract    pdf (56 Kb)
  3. N.Z. Lyakhov, P.A. Vityaz, T.F Grigoryeva, T.L. Talako, A.P. Barinova, I.A. Vorsina, A.I. Letzko and S.V. Cherepanova
    Nanocomposites Intermetallics / Oxides, Produced by MA SHS
    pages 326-328
    abstract    pdf (112 Kb)
  4. Jung-Ho Ahn, Yong-Jin Kim and Hyungsik Chung
    Al-AlN TRI-Modal Composites Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 329-334
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  5. Jung-Ho Ahn, Hyungseop Shin and Seung Joon Hwang
    Mechanical Properties of Fe-Cr-Al-Si-Ta ODS Stainless Steels
    pages 335-338
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  6. Marco Caetano, F.J. Oliveira, R.F. Silva, F. Siõmes and B. Trindade
    Effect of Cu on the Sintering Ability of a Surface Modified TI5SI3-Based Alloy Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 339-343
    abstract    pdf (158 Kb)
  7. M.M. Vieira, J.C. Oliveira, A. Cavaleiro and B. Trindade
    Synthesis of La9.33(SiO4)6O2 Apatite-Type by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 344-348
    abstract    pdf (148 Kb)
  8. V. Šepelák, I. Bergmann, A. Diekmann, P. Heitjans and K.D. Becker
    Mechanosynthesis of Nanocrystalline Iron Germanate Fe2GeO4 with a Ninequilibrium Cation Distribution
    pages 349-352
    abstract    pdf (114 Kb)
  9. A.N. Streletskii, I.V. Kolbanev, D.G.Permenov, I. V. Povstugar, A.B.Borunova, A.Yu.Dolgoborodov, M.N.Makhov and P.Yu. Butyagin
    The Reactivity of Al-Based Mechanochemical Nanocomposites
    pages 353-359
    abstract    pdf (152 Kb)
  10. L.M. Kubalova, V.I. Fadeeva and I.A. Sviridov
    Structural Transformations in Co87B13 and Ni87B13 Alloys during Ball Milling and Influence of Stacking Faults in FCC Co on Amorphous Phase Formation
    pages 360-365
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  11. Marco Hüller, Galina G. Chernik, Elena L. Fokina and Nadezda I. Budim
    Mechanical Alloying in Planetary Mills of High Accelerations
    pages 366-374
    abstract    pdf (256 Kb)
  12. I. Bergmann, V. Šepelák, A. Feldhoff, P. Heitjans and K.D. Becker
    Particle Size Dependent Cation Distribution in Lithium Ferrite Spinel LiFe5O8
    pages 375-378
    abstract    pdf (138 Kb)
  13. A. Grabias, D. Oleszak and M. Pękała
    Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Zr30Fe35Ni35 Alloy Formed by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 379-383
    abstract    pdf (252 Kb)
  14. Anna Antolak, Marek Krasnowski and Tadeusz Kulik
    Nanocrystalline Ni3Al Alloy Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Subsequent Heating
    pages 384-392
    abstract    pdf (118 Kb)
  15. M. Krasnowski and T. Kulik
    Amorphisation Process during Mechanical Alloying of Al-Fe-Ti Powders and Crystallisation of the Milling Products
    pages 393-397
    abstract    pdf (68 Kb)
  16. A. Calka
    Rapid Synthesis of Functional Materials by Electric Discharge Assisted Mechanical Milling
    pages 398-402
    abstract    pdf (146 Kb)
  17. Maria. T. Marques, José B. Correia and Rui Vilar
    Consolidation via Hot Extrusion of Cu-NbC Nanocomposites
    pages 403-407
    abstract    pdf (166 Kb)
  18. C. Triveño Rios, J.B. Fogagnolo, C. Bolfarini, W.J. Botta and C.S. Kiminami
    Characterization of Atomized and Extruded Al92Fe3Cr2Mn3 Alloy
    pages 408-414
    abstract    pdf (496 Kb)
  19. Martin Balog, Juraj Nagy, Frantisek Simancik, Karol Izdinsky and Guillermo Requena
    Heat Resistant Ultra-Fine Grained Al Profiles
    pages 415-421
    abstract    pdf (512 Kb)
  20. A. Swiderska-Sroda, G. Kalisz, B. Palosz and N. Herlin-Boime
    SiC Nano-Ceramics Sintered under High-Pressure
    pages 422-424
    abstract    pdf (132 Kb)
  21. Grzegorz Cieślak, Jerzy Latuch and Tadeusz Kulik
    Quality of Compaction of Bulk Nanocrystalline Al73Si19Ni7 mischmetal1 Alloy Produced by Different Pressure at High Temperature
    pages 425-428
    abstract    pdf (162 Kb)

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