Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 8, Vol. 18, 2008, pages 689-694


Sergey V. Komarov, Sang Han Son, Sergey D.Kaloshkin and Eiki Kasai


This work presents a new ultrasonic-based dry mechanochemical method for armouring or coating metallic surfaces with other metal or ceramic materials. Two modifications of the method have been examined. In the first one, hard balls and metal or ceramic powder are put into a bowl-shaped resonant chamber which is fixed beneath the surface to be coated. In the second one, only balls are put into the chamber while the surface is previously precoated with a suspension of a liquid and powder. The chamber is set into high frequency vibration by an ultrasonic transducer attached to the chamber bottom. This initiates a chaotic motion and collision of the balls and powder particles, and hammering them into the metallic surface. Experimental examination was performed using substrates of Al and stainless steel, powders of Ti, SiC and Al2O3 and a number of liquids for precoating. The results revealed that the method allows the production of various coatings and armoured layers on the metallic surfaces at room temperatures regardless of difference in the properties of materials used.

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