RAMS e-journal
No 8, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents (pdf) & Prefaces (preface1.pdf, preface2.pdf)

  1. Liang-Chia Chen and Chie-Chan Ho
    Development of Nanoparticle Shape Measurement and Analysis for Process Characterization of TiO2 Nanoparticle Synthesis
    pages 677-684
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  2. Abderrafik Nemamcha and Jean Luc Rehspringer
    Morphology of Dispersed and Aggregated PVP-Pd Nanoparticles Prepared by Ultrasonic Irradiation of Pd(NO3)2 Solution in Ethylene Glycol
    pages 685-688
    abstract    pdf (170 Kb)
  3. Sergey V. Komarov, Sang Han Son, Sergey D.Kaloshkin and Eiki Kasai
    A Dry Ultrasonic-Based Method for Mechanical Coating
    pages 689-694
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  4. Igor V. Lyasotsky, Nataliya B. Dyakonova, Dmitry L. Dyakonov, Elena N. Vlasova and Michail Yu. Jazvitsky
    Metastable Phases and Nanostructuring of Fe-Nb-Si-B Base Rapidly Quenched Alloys
    pages 695-702
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  5. Nataliya B. Dyakonova, Igor V. Lyasotsky and Galina I. Nosova
    Nanocrystalline Incommensurate Structures in Ti-TM Alloys
    pages 703-710
    abstract    pdf (384 Kb)
  6. Tohru Yamasaki, Hitoshi Yokoyama and Takeshi Fukami
    Creep Tests of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
    pages 711-715
    abstract    pdf (82 Kb)
  7. T.F. Grigoryeva, A.I. Ancharov, V.F. Pindyurin, A.P. Barinova and V.V. Boldyrev
    Phase Transformation Sequence during Interaction Mechanochemically Synthesized Solid Solution with Liquid Eutectics
    pages 716-719
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  8. N. Castillo, L. Díaz Barriga, R. Pérez, M.J. Martínez-Ortiz and A. Conde Gallardo
    Structural and Chemical Characterization of Ptx-Pd1-x Bimetallic Nanoparticles Supported on Silica
    pages 720-724
    abstract    pdf ( Kb)
  9. Jan L. Nowiński, Pablo Pineda Vadillo, Jerzy E. Garbarczyk, Marek Wasiucionek, Grażyna Z. Żukowska and Stanisław Gierlotka
    Mechanochemical Synthesis of Silver Vanadate and Silver Chromate Amorphous Superionic Conductors
    pages 725-733
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  10. Ho Chang and Ming-Hsun Tsai
    Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles Having Prism Shape by a Novel Gas Condensation Process
    pages 734-743
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
  11. A. Al-Hajry
    On the Structure and Stability of ZrNi System
    pages 744-749
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  12. D.-C. Tien, C.-Y. Liao, J.-C. Huang, K.-H. Tseng, J.-K. Lung T.-T. Tsung, W.-S. Kao, T.-H. Tsai, T.-W. Cheng, B.-S. Yu, H.-M. Lin and L. Stobinski
    Novel Technique for Preparing a Nano-Silver Water Suspension by the Arc-Discharge Method
    pages 750-756
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  13. I.K. Razumov, Yu.N. Gornostyrev and A.Ye. Yermakov
    Kinetics of Phase Transformations in the Ordered Nanograined Alloys
    pages 757-763
    abstract    pdf (192 Kb)
  14. Grzegorz Dercz, Dariusz Oleszak, Krystian Prusik and Lucjan Pająk
    Rietveld-Based Quantitative Analysis of Multiphase Powders with Nanocrystalline NiAl and FeAl Phases
    pages 764-768
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  15. T.-S. Kim and H.J. Chae
    Consolidation of Gas Atomized Mg Alloy Powders
    pages 769-772
    abstract    pdf (180 Kb)
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