RAMS e-journal
No 1, Vol. 23, 2010  

Cover, Contents & Preface (pdf, 18 Kb, pdf, 12 Kb, pdf, 10 Kb)

  1. T. Bodziony, S.M. Kaczmarek and R. Kruk
    Magnetic Properties of LiNbO3 Single Crystals Weakly Doped by Yb and/or Codoped by Pr
    pages 1-7
    abstract    pdf (138 Kb)
  2. Van Cao Long
    Propagation Technique for Ultrashort Pulses
    pages 8-20
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  3. Yevhen Chaplya and Olha Chernukha
    Mathematical Modeling Diffusion of Decaying Particles in Regular Structures
    pages 21-31
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  4. Z. Czech and A. Butwin
    UV-initiated Crosslinking of Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Using Ultraviolet Excimer-Laser
    pages 32-36
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  5. A. Dawid and W. Gwizdała
    The Dynamics of 5CB Mesogene Molecules Between Graphite Walls - an MD Study
    pages 37-41
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  6. Z. Dendzik, K. Górny, M. Kośmider and S. Żurek
    Confinement Size Effect in Dipolar Relaxation of Glycerol Molecules Cluster
    Encapsulated inside Carbon Nanotubes - Computer Simulation Study
    pages 42-51
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  7. Paweł Fiertek, Bartłomiej Andrzejewski and Wojciech Sadowski
    Synthesis and Transport Properties of Porous Superconducting Ceramics of YBa2Cu3O7-σ
    pages 52-56
    abstract    pdf (190 Kb)
  8. H. Fuks, S.M. Kaczmarek and M. Bosacka
    EPR and IR Investigations of some Chromium (III) Phosphate (V) Compounds
    pages 57-63
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  9. Z. Gburski and P. Raczyński
    Influence of Carbon Nanotube on Cholesteron Lodgment: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
    pages 64-69
    abstract    pdf (168 Kb)
  10. N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, M. Orlowski, A. Guskos, Z. Czech and A. Mickiewicz
    FMR Study of γ-Fe2O3 Agglomerated Nanoparticles in Glue
    pages 70-75
    abstract    pdf (102 Kb)
  11. N. Guskos, G. P. Papadopoulos, J. Majszczyk, J. Typek, J. Rybicki, A. Guskos, I. Kruk, K. Aidinis and G. Zolnierkiewicz
    Photoacoustic Response of Sea Urchin Tissue
    pages 76-79
    abstract    pdf (50 Kb)
  12. S.M. Kaczmarek, M. Orłowski, T. Skibiński, A. Jasik and L.I. Ivleva
    Ferroelectric Properties of Relaxor Type SBN Single Crystals Pure and Doped with Cr, Ni, and Ce
    pages 80-87
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  13. E. Tomaszewicz and S.M. Kaczmarek
    Reactivity in Solid State between CdWO4 and RE2WO6 (RE=Y, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Ho, Er and Lu)
    pages 88-96
    abstract    pdf (112 Kb)
  14. N. Guskos, J. Majszczyk, J. Typek, G. Zolnierkiewicz, E. Tomaszewicz and K. Aidinis
    Relative Intensities of f-f Transitions of Erbium(III) Ion Studied by Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
    pages 97-101
    abstract    pdf (56 Kb)
  15. S. Mudry and I. Shtablavyi
    Structure Changes in In20.49Ga66.96Sn12.55 Eutectic Melt upon Alloying with Ni
    pages 102-106
    abstract    pdf (122 Kb)
  16. Waldemar Nawrocki
    Electrical and Thermal Properties of Nanowires in Quantum Regime
    pages 107-112
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  17. N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, J. Blyszko, W. Kiernozycki and U. Narkiewicz
    Ferromagnetic Resonance and Compressive Strength Study of Cement Mortars Containing Carbon Encapsulated Nickel and Iron Nanoparticles
    pages 113-117
    abstract    pdf (60 Kb)
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