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   No 1, Vol. 57, 2018       get Acrobat Reader

  1. A.G. Sheinerman and S.V. Bobylev
    A Model of Enhanced Strain Rate Sensitivity in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine-Grained Metals
    pages 1-10
    abstract    pdf  (1648 Kb)
  2. J. Typek, N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, D. Sibera and U. Narkiewicz
    Magnetometric Study of ZnO/CoO Nanocomposites
    pages 11-25
    abstract    pdf  (1600 Kb)
  3. Karina A. Krylova, Rita I. Babicheva, Kun Zhou, Alexey M. Bubenchikov, Evgenii G. Ekomasov and Sergey V. Dmitriev
    The Effect of Crystallographic Orientation on the Deformation Mechanisms of NiAl Nanofilms under Tension
    pages 26-34
    abstract    pdf  (1872 Kb)
  4. N.A. Zhuk, V.P. Lutoev, B.A. Makeev, N.V. Chezhina, V.A. Belyy and S.V. Nekipelov
    EPR, NEXAFS Study and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Doped Ferroelectric Ceramics
    pages 35-41
    abstract    pdf  (784 Kb)
  5. Miguel de Icaza Herrera and Víctor M. Castaño
    Thermodynamics of Natural Pigment-Dopedethanol under Monochromatic Laser Irradiation
    pages 42-53
    abstract    pdf  (400 Kb)
  6. S.V. Bobylev and A.G. Sheinerman
    Effect of Crack Bridging on the Toughening of Ceramic/Graphene Composites
    pages 54-62
    abstract    pdf  (824 Kb)
  7. A.B. Vakaeva, S.A. Krasnitcki, A.M. Smirnov, M.A. Grekov and M.Yu. Gutkin
    Stress Concentration and Distribution at Triple Junction Pores of Three-Fold Symmetry in Ceramics
    pages 63-71
    abstract    pdf  (1824 Kb)
  8. V.N. Popok, T.S. Aunsborg, R.H. Godiksen, P.K. Kristensen, R.R. Juluri, P. Caban and K. Pedersen
    Structural Characterization of MOVPE Grown AlGaN/GaN for HEMT Formation
    pages 72-81
    abstract    pdf  (3056 Kb)
  9. S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov, A.V. Redkov, A.S. Grashchenko, N.A.Feoktistov, S.D. Fedotov, V.N. Statsenko, E.M. Sokolov and S.P. Timoshenkov
    A New Method For Synthesis Of Epitaxial Films Of Silicon Carbide On Sapphire Substrates (α-Al2O3)
    pages 82-96
    abstract    pdf  (5088 Kb)
  10. M.G. Mynbaeva, P.S. Shirshnev, A.V. Kremleva, A.N. Smirnov, E.V. Ivanova, M.V. Zamoryanskaya, I.P. Nikitina, A.A. Lavrent.ev, K.D. Mynbaev, M.A. Odnoblyudov, D.A. Bauman, H. Lipsanen, V.I. Nikolaev, V.E. Bougrov and A.E. Romanov
    Optical Properties of Bulk Gallium Oxide Grown from the Melt
    pages 97-103
    abstract    pdf  (1328 Kb)
  11. A.P. Zhilyaev, R.M. Kashaev, A.M. Khusnullin, G.I. Raab, J. Calvo and J.M. Cabrera
    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Linear Friction Welded Titanium Subjected to ECAP
    pages 104-109
    abstract    pdf  (2016 Kb)
  12. T.S. Orlova, A.V. Ankudinov, A.M. Mavlyutov and N.N. Resnina
    Effect of Grain Boundaries on the Electron Work Function of Ultrafine Grained Aluminum
    pages 110-115
    abstract    pdf  (384 Kb)
  13. P.S. Shirshnev, V.L. Ugolkov, Zh.G. Snezhnaia, D.I. Panov, E.V. Shirshneva-Vaschenko, S.N. Lipnitskaya, A.E. Romanov and V.E. Bougrov
    The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Optical Properties of Copper-Containing Lithium-Potassium-Borate Glasses
    pages 116-120
    abstract    pdf  (432 Kb)
  14. A.V. Smirnov, V.P. Tarasovskii, V.V. Belov, V.V. Rybal'chenko, A.A. Vasin, O.L. Sidortsova and A.D. Shlyapin
    Autohesion of Inorganic Compound Powders
    pages 121-132
    abstract    pdf  (720 Kb)
  15. N.V. Skiba
    Plastic Deformation Micromechanism in Nanotwinned Films
    pages 133-136
    abstract    pdf  (336 Kb)

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