RAMS e-journal
No 3, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents & Prefaces (pdf, 166 Kb)

  1. C. Suryanarayana
    Recent Developments in Mechanical Alloying
    pages 203-211
    abstract    pdf (188 Kb)
  2. E. Godočíková, L. Takacs, P. Baláž, J. Kováč, A. Šatka and J. Briančin
    Mechanochemical Reduction of Antimony Sulphide Sb2S3 with Magnesium in a Planetary
    pages 212-215
    abstract    pdf (152 Kb)
  3. Marcela Achimovičová, Erika Godočíková, Peter Baláž and Alexander Šatka
    Influence of Soluble Salt Matrix on Mechanochemical Preparation of PbS Nanoparticles
    pages 216-220
    abstract    pdf (136 Kb)
  4. S. Scudino, D.J. Sordelet and J. Eckert
    Devitrification of Mechanically Alloyed Zr-Ti-Nb-Cu-Ni-Al Glassy Powders Studied by Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction
    pages 221-224
    abstract    pdf (74 Kb)
  5. Daniel Guérard
    Ball Milling in the Presence of a Fluid: Results and Perspectives
    pages 225-230
    abstract    pdf (188 Kb)
  6. N. Al-Aqeeli, G. Mendoza-Suarez and R.A.L. Drew
    XRD and TEM Characterization of Al-Mg-based Nanocomposite Alloys
    pages 231-235
    abstract    pdf (108 Kb)
  7. K. Niespodziana, K. Jurczyk and M. Jurczyk
    The Synthesis of Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications
    pages 236-240
    abstract    pdf (90 Kb)
  8. M.S. Al-Assiri, A. Alolah, A. Al-Hajry and M. Bououdina
    Investigation of the Structure Kinetics of Crystallization Cu45+xTi55-x Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Alloying Technique
    pages 241-247
    abstract    pdf (464 Kb)
  9. K. Wieczorek-Ciurowa, D. Oleszak and K. Gamrat
    Cu-Al/Al2O3 Cermet Synthesized by Reactive Ball Milling of CuO-Al System
    pages 248-252
    abstract    pdf (106 Kb)
  10. Hsin-Ming Wu, Chia-Jung Hu, Yan-Dong Cheng
    Formation of Co-M-Ti-B (M=Fe, Nb) Amorphous Powders by Mechanical Solid-State Reaction
    pages 253-256
    abstract    pdf (104 Kb)
  11. J. Dutkiewicz, L. Lityńska, W. Maziarz, M. Parra Carrillo and I. Mercioniu, L. Jaworska
    Metallic Glass Formation in NiTiZrNbSi Alloys by Rapid Solidification or Ball Milling and Ultra High Pressure Compaction
    pages 257-263
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  12. Jan Dutkiewicz, Wojciech Maziarz and Lucyna Jaworska
    Structure of Nanocrystalline Ti-base Alloys Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Ultra High Pressure Sintering
    pages 264-268
    abstract    pdf (544 Kb)
  13. Masahiro Kubota and Makoto Sugamata
    Reaction Milled and Spark Plasma Sintered Al-AlB2 Composite Materials
    pages 269-275
    abstract    pdf (114 Kb)
  14. P.G. Ramírez-Cano, I. Estrada-Guel, D.C. Mendoza-Ruiz, J. Reyes-Gasga, M.J. Yacamán and R. Martínez-Sánchez
    Mechanical and Structural Characterization of Graphite Coated Silver Nanoparticles-Reinforced Aluminum
    pages 276-279
    abstract    pdf (144 Kb)
  15. D.C. Mendoza-Ruiz, M.A. Esneider-Alcalá, I. Estrada-Guel, M. Miki-Yoshida, M. López-Gómez and R. Martínez-Sánchez
    Dispersion of Graphite Nanoparticles in a 6063 Aluminum Alloy by Mechanical Milling and Hot Extrusion
    pages 280-283
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  16. Keiichi N. Ishihara, Fumie Kubo, Eiji Yamasue and Hideyuki Okumura
    Formation of Supersaturated Fe-Li Solid Solution by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 284-288
    abstract    pdf (140 Kb)
  17. Jin-Hyung Lee and Seung J. Hwang
    Mechanosynthesis of Nanocrystalline Cu with Al2O3 Dispersion by Cryogenic Milling
    pages 289-292
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  18. F. Simões, N. Duarte and B. Trindade
    Sinterability of Mechanically Alloyed Ti-37.5Si (at.%) Powders Coated with a Metallic Thin Layer by Sputtering
    pages 293-296
    abstract    pdf (174 Kb)
  19. D. Hernandez-Silva, J. Gamez-Huerta, M. A. Garcia-Bernal and V. Sauce-Rangel
    Consolidation of Mechanically Milled Al/Al2O3 and Al-8Zn/Al2O3 Composite Powders
    pages 297-300
    abstract    pdf (168 Kb)
  20. M.I. Flores-Zamora, C.A. Martínez-Pérez, M. García-Guaderrama, I. Estrada-Guel and R. Martínez-Sánchez
    Comparative Study of Al-Ni-Mo Alloys Obtained by Mechanical Alloying in Different Ball Mills
    pages 301-304
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  21. M. Samoshina, A. Aksenov and E. Kaevitser
    Structure and Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Composite Materials from Hard-Recycling Scrap of Al Alloys
    pages 305-310
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  22. S. Puech, J.J. Blandin and J.L. Soubeyroux
    High Temperature Deformation of a Mg-Cu-Gd Bulk Metallic Glass: Impact of Partial Crystallization
    pages 311-316
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
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