RAMS e-journal
No 7, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents (pdf) & Prefaces (preface1.pdf, preface2.pdf)

  1. J.G. Li, M. Umemoto, Y. Todaka, K. Fujisaku and K. Tsuchiya
    The Dynamic Phase Transformation and Formation of Nanocrystalline Structure in SUS304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Subjected to High Pressure Torsion
    pages 577-582
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  2. J. Kuśnierz, A. Pawełek, Z. Ranachowski, A. Piątkowski, Z. Jasieński, S. Kúdela and S. Kúdela, Jr.
    Mechanical and Acoustic Emission Behaviour Induced by Channel-Die Compression of Mg-Li Nanocrystalline Alloys Obtained by ECAP Technique
    pages 583-589
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  3. S. Hóbor, Á. Révész, A. P. Zhilyaev and Zs. Kovács
    Different Nanocrystallization Sequence during High Pressure Torsion and Thermal Treatments of Amorphous Cu60Zr20Ti20 Alloy
    pages 590-592
    abstract    pdf (52 Kb)
  4. Zs. Kovács, P. Henits, S. Hóbor and Á. Révész
    Nanocrystallization Process in Amorphous Alloys during Severe Plastic Deformation and Thermal Treatments
    pages 593-596
    abstract    pdf (112 Kb)
  5. P. Henits, Zs. Kovács and Á. Révész
    Crystallization of Amorphous Al85Ce8Ni5Co2 HPT-Alloy
    pages 597-599
    abstract    pdf (72 Kb)
  6. Seung Zeon Han, Masahiro Goto, Chayong Lim, Chang Joo Kim and Sangshik Kim
    Fatihgue Damage in Nano-Size Grained Oxygen Free Copper
    pages 600-603
    abstract    pdf (178 Kb)
  7. E.D. Tabachnikova, V.Z. Bengus, A.V. Podolskiy, S.N. Smirnov, K. Csach, J. Miskuf, L.R. Saitova, I.P. Semenova and R.Z. Valiev
    Low Temperature Mechanical Properties and Failure Peculiarities of the Ti-6Al-4V ELI Ultra-Fine Grained Alloy
    pages 604-607
    abstract    pdf (104 Kb)
  8. J. Nagy, M. Balog, F. Simancik, K. Izdinsky, D. Janickovic and P. Svec
    Consolidation of Rapidly Solidified Al-Based Particles Using Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP)
    pages 608-615
    abstract    pdf (640 Kb)
  9. Stefano Deledda, Marie Vennström, Ana Borissova, Alain R. Yavari and Giovanna Fragneto
    The H-Sorption Behaviour of Ball-Milled MgH2 5 MOL.% FeF3 Studied by in-situ Small Angle Neutron Scattering
    pages 616-620
    abstract    pdf (152 Kb)
  10. M. Makowiecka, L. Kepinski and M. Jurczyk
    Nanoscale Hydrogen Storage Materials Studied by TEM
    pages 621-626
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  11. I. Okonska, M. Nowak, E. Jankowska and M. Jurczyk
    Hydrogen Storage by Mg-Based Nanomaterials
    pages 627-631
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  12. Beatriz Zeifert, Jose Salmones Blásquez, J. Gerardo Cabañas Moreno and Hector A. Calderón
    Raney-Nickel Catalysts Produced by Mechanical Alloying
    pages 632-638
    abstract    pdf (256 Kb)
  13. A. Gebert, B. Khorkounov and L. Schultz
    Effect of Chemical Pre-treatments on the Stability of Melt-Spun Mg50Ni30Y20 in Extreme Alkaline Electrolyte
    pages 639-643
    abstract    pdf (118 Kb)
  14. G. Mulas, C. Pistidda, G. Cocco, S. Scudino and J. Eckert
    Mechanically-Induced Hydrogen Absorption in Zr-Based Quasicrystals
    pages 644-648
    abstract    pdf (72 Kb)
  15. E. Sówka, M. Leonowicz, J.A.D. Pomogailo, G.I. Dzhardimalieva, J. Kaźmierczak, A. Ślawska-Waniewska and M. Kopcewicz
    Structure and Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles Processed by Pyrolysis of Polymers Containing Co and Fe
    pages 649-652
    abstract    pdf (152 Kb)
  16. Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin, Sergey D. Kaloshkin and Akihisa Inoue
    Peritectic-Like Reactions Involving Glassy Phase
    pages 653-659
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  17. Ching-Song Jwo, Lung-Yue Jeng, Ho Chang and Tun-Ping Teng
    Experimental Study on Thermal Conductivity of Lubricant Containing Nanoparticles
    pages 660-666
    abstract    pdf (170 Kb)
  18. Ho Chang and Hung-Ting Su
    Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Ni Nanoparticles
    pages 667-675
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
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