RAMS e-journal
No 2, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents & Prefaces (pdf, 162 Kb)

  1. Hyung-Seop Shin, Ho-Yeon Choi, Jeong-Soo Park, Jung-Ho Ahn, Wei Zhang and Akihisa Inoue
    Friction Welding of Cu45Zr45Ag5Al5 Bulk Metallic Glass
    pages 104-106
    abstract    pdf (104 Kb)
  2. C.Y. Tam, C.H. Shek and W.H. Wang
    Oxidation Behaviour of a Cu-Zr-Al Bulk Metallic Glass
    pages 107-111
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  3. T.L. Cheung and C.H. Shek
    Surface Characteristics of Nitrogen and Argon Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation of Cu-Zr-Al Bulk Metallic Alloy
    pages 112-120
    abstract    pdf (240 Kb)
  4. H.G. Jeong and W.J. Kim
    Microstructure Examination of the Zr65Al10Ni10Cu15 Bulk Metallic Glass after Superplastic Gas-Pressure Forming
    pages 121-125
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  5. Tokujiro Yamamoto, Noriharu Yodoshi, Teruo Bitoh, Akihiro Makino and Akihisa Inoue
    Soft Magnetic Fe-Based Metallic Glasses Prepared by Fluxing and Water-Quenching
    pages 126-130
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  6. Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Tohru Yamasaki and Akihisa Inoue
    Significant Tensile Plasticity of Cold Rolled Zr50Cu30Ni10Al10 Bulk Glassy Alloys
    pages 131-136
    abstract    pdf (174 Kb)
  7. K. Fujita, T. Hashimoto, W. Zhang, N. Nishiyama, C. Ma, H. Kimura and A. Inoue
    Ultrahigh Fatigue Strength in Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glass
    pages 137-139
    abstract    pdf (190 Kb)
  8. K. Werniewicz, U. Kühn, N. Mattern, B. Bartusch, U. Siegel, L. Schultz and T. Kulik
    Advanced High-Strength and Ductile Fe-Cr-Mo-Ga-Si Alloys
    pages 140-143
    abstract    pdf (110 Kb)
  9. S. Gravier, J.J. Blandin, J.M. Pelletier and B. Doisneau-Cottignies
    Sensitivity of Viscoplastic and Viscoelastic Properties to Nanocrystallization in a Zr Bulk Metallic Glass
    pages 144-148
    abstract    pdf (98 Kb)
  10. D.C. Qiao, B. Green, M. Morrison and P.K. Liaw
    Electrochemical Behavior of a Fe48Cr15Mo14Er2C15B6 Bulk-Metallic Glass
    pages 149-153
    abstract    pdf (100 Kb)
  11. M. Aljerf, A. LeMoulec, J.P. Gabathuler, P. Deneuville and A.R. Yavari
    Punching Surface Patterns onto Aluminium Foils Using BMG Stamps Surface-Structured in the Super-Cooled Liquid Temperature Range
    pages 154-158
    abstract    pdf (352 Kb)
  12. G.J. Hao, Y. Zhang, J.P. Lin and G.L. Chen
    Atomic Packing Efficiency of the Competing Crystal Phases and Glass Forming Ability for the Cu and Ti Based Alloys
    pages 159-163
    abstract    pdf (102 Kb)
  13. Milan Pavúk, Marcel Miglierini, Milan Vůjtek, Radek Zbořil, Miroslav Mašláň and Peter Švec
    Surface Morphology of Fe79Mo8Cu1B12 Ribbons Characterised by Atomic Force Microscopy
    pages 164-168
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
  14. J. Eckert, M. Calin, P. Yu, L.C. Zhang, S. Scudino and C. Duhamel
    Al-Based Alloys Containing Amorphous and Nanostructured Phases
    pages 169-172
    abstract    pdf (60 Kb)
  15. Eloi Pineda and Daniel Crespo
    Elastic Properties Behaviour of Metallic Glasses
    pages 173-176
    abstract    pdf (48 Kb)
  16. T. Fukami, M. Fukatani, D. Okai, Y. Yokoyama, Y. Akeno, T. Yamasaki and A. Inoue
    Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Sound Velocity in Zr50Cu40Al10 with Different Excess Free Volume
    pages 177-179
    abstract    pdf (60 Kb)
  17. S. Hosokawa, H. Sato, N. Happo, T. Ichitsubo, E. Matsubara and N. Nishiyama
    Electronic Structure of Pd42.5Ni7.5Cu30P20 Metallic Glass
    pages 180-183
    abstract    pdf (112 Kb)
  18. Livio Battezzati
    On Correlations of Indexes of Melt Fragility in Metallic Glass-Formers
    pages 184-189
    abstract    pdf (68 Kb)
  19. Gianluca Fiore and Livio Battezzati
    Developing Au-Based Amorphous Alloys
    pages 190-192
    abstract    pdf (126 Kb)
  20. A. Moreira Jorge Jr, A. Inoue and A.R. Yavari
    Surface Self-Healing of Metallic Glasses in the Super-Cooled Lequid Region ΔT = Tx - Tg
    pages 193-196
    abstract    pdf (186 Kb)
  21. K. Pekala and D. Oleszak
    Electron Transport Properties of Amorpous Alloys Ni59Zr20Ti16M5 (M = Nb, Si)
    pages 197-201
    abstract    pdf (84 Kb)
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