RAMS e-journal
No 2, Vol. 23, 2010  

Contents (pdf, 22 Kb)

  1. A.M. Trostianchyn, I.I. Bulyk, I.V. Trostianchyn, S.I. Mudry and V.M. Davydov
    Phase Transformations in La0.5Nd0.5Ni5-xAlx-H2 System
    pages 119-125
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  2. Sylwia Kondej and Miroslaw R. Dudek
    Bound States Induced by Interaction Potential Deformation
    pages 126-132
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  3. I. Stefaniuk, M. Bester and M. Kuzma
    EPR Study of Cr2Te3 Alloy
    pages 133-140
    abstract    pdf (320 Kb)
  4. K. Lukierska-Walasek and K. Topolski
    Statistical Description of Domains in the Potts Model
    pages 141-146
    abstract    pdf (544 Kb)
  5. S. Mudry, Yu. Kulyk and B. Tsizh
    Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics in Fe73.1Si15.5B7.4Nb3.0Cu1.0 Amorphous Alloys
    pages 144-151
    abstract    pdf (160 Kb)
  6. G.J. Papadopoulos
    Magnetoresitance Relating to the Integer Hall Effect
    pages 152-159
    abstract    pdf (98 Kb)
  7. A. Piątek and Z. Gburski
    TiH2 Atomic Group Decorated Fullerene Nanosystem - Computer Simulation Study
    pages 160-163
    abstract    pdf (88 Kb)
  8. N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Guskos and D. Petridis
    Influence of Concentration of Free Radicals/Magnetic Agglomerates on Magnetic Resonance Spectrum in Organic Matrix
    pages 164-168
    abstract    pdf (78 Kb)
  9. Artur A. Poźniak, Henryk Kamiński, Przemysaław Kędziora, Bogdan Maruszewski, Tomasz Stręk and Krzysztof W. Wojciechowski
    Anomalous Deformation of Constrained Auxetic Square
    pages 169-174
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  10. P. Raczyński and Z. Gburski
    Molecular Dynamics and Dielectric Relaxation of Homocysteine Layer between Graphite Walls - Computer Simulation
    pages 175-179
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  11. P. Stakhira, V. Cherpak, D. Volynyuk, Z. Hotra, V. Belukh, O. Aksimentyeva, B. Tsizh and L. Monastyrskyi
    Growth and Properties of Conducting Polyaniline Thin Films Obtained by Means of Ionic Sputtering in Crossed Electrical and Magnetic Fields
    pages 180-184
    abstract    pdf (68 Kb)
  12. O. Aksimentyeva, O. Konopelnyk, I. Opaynych, B.Tsizh, A.Ukrainets, Y. Ulansky and G. Martyniuk
    Interaction of Components and Conductivity in Polyaniline - Polymethylmethacrylate Nanocompositess
    pages 185-188
    abstract    pdf (52 Kb)
  13. N. Guskos, E.A. Anagnostakis, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Biedunkiewicz, P. Figiel, A. Guskos and K.A. Karkas
    EPR Study of Ti-Si-C-N System
    pages 189-195
    abstract    pdf (166 Kb)
  14. J. Typek, N. Guskos, E. Filipek and M. Piz
    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Magnetic Centers in FeSbVO6
    pages 196-206
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  15. J. Typek, G. Zolnierkiewicz, N. Guskos, R. Szymczak and A. Blonska-Tabero
    Magnetic and EPR Study of Zn3Fe4V6O24
    pages 207-212
    abstract    pdf (114 Kb)
  16. A. Yakymovych, V. Sklyarchuk, Yu. Plevachuk and S. Mudry
    Viscosity and Concentration Fluctuations in Liquid In-Sb and In-Bi Alloys
    pages 213-217
    abstract    pdf (100 Kb)
  17. N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek and A. Blonska-Tabero
    Magnetic Resonance Study of Cd4Fe8V10O41
    pages 218-223
    abstract    pdf (96 Kb)
  18. N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, D. Sibera and U. Narkiewicz
    Magnetic Resonance Study of ZnO-Fe2O3-ZnFe2O4 System
    pages 224-228
    abstract    pdf (186 Kb)
  19. G. Wisz, I. Virt, M. Kuzma, P. Sagan, T.Ya. Gorbach and P.S. Smertenko
    Electrical Properties of Pentacene Films Obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition
    pages 229-233
    abstract    pdf (106 Kb)
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